Pet of the Month - Netherspace Abyssal

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Pet of the Month - Netherspace Abyssal

Post by Liopleurodon » July 15th, 2016, 4:29 pm

Be sure to check out this month's [url=]feature on the Netherspace Abyssal[/url]!

How Do You Use Your Netherspace Abyssal?
The whole force swap meta has fallen from favor for PVP, but it’ll be fun to see whether that remains come Legion. Even when it was, the [pet]Netherspace Abyssal[/pet] wasn’t a favorite due to its relatively slow speed.

If you can use [ability]Nether Gate[/ability] to swap at the beginning of a turn rather than the end, it essentially means your opponent loses a turn. This is pretty universally a good thing. As such, people mostly opted for very fast pets, like the [pet]Enchanted Broom[/pet].

Its slower speed also makes planning around its avoidance move, [ability]Meteor Strike[/ability], a bit tougher. However, [ability]Explode[/ability] goes off precisely when it means to. The Abyssal’s Magic family trait means you won’t be taken by surprise by a big crit, either.

The Abyssal comes in three breeds: P/S, P/P and H/H. In most cases P/P is going to be your best choice to eke out every last bit of DPS, though a case could be made for P/S. The speed stat spread between P/P and P/S isn’t huge - 252 versus 281 respectively - but if you’re doing PVE battles it may make the difference between a valid strat and falling on your face.

The Abyssal’s moves are pretty close to the [pet]Minfernal[/pet] but if you have one of those handy and not an Abyssal I’d like to talk to you about buying me a few scratch-off lotto tickets.

Do you use your Netherspace Abyssal? Have you Exploded anything spectacularly? Are you going to use yours against the Legion? Let us know!
xoxo, Your Pet Battling BFF, Tamer Liopleurodon.

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Re: Pet of the Month - Netherspace Abyssal

Post by Gráinne » July 15th, 2016, 7:48 pm

I got a H/H [pet]Netherspace Abyssal[/pet] for one reason: as part of a guaranteed team for Ti'un the Wanderer. While I could take Ti'un with three moths most of the time, it bothered me that he and No-No were the only battles I sometimes failed on.

A H/H has 1725 health, which doubles to 3450 in Sunlight. [ability]Explode[/ability] therefore does 1380 damage in Sunlight. Combine that with an [pet]Enchanted Lantern[/pet] to provide the Sunlight and a H/H [pet]Blackfuse Bombling[/pet] that also exploded for double its normal value, and I had a guaranteed kill. I was quite pleased with that. :)

For PvP, I read a suggestion somewhere to pair the Abyssal with an [pet]Ore Eater[/pet] and [pet]Son of Sethe[/pet], with the idea of combining the DoT damage from the other two with Plagued Blood to get backline heals. I loved the idea, but sadly never made it work.

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Re: Pet of the Month - Netherspace Abyssal

Post by Paladance » July 16th, 2016, 3:43 am

Ah, that one.
While myself and my guildie were doing a temporary exchange for boosting our RwL achievements, a [pet]Netherspace Abyssal[/pet] happened to be the only pet neither of us had.

Running raids rather than buying pets, I visited Karazhan about 20 times and often was too lazy to do the chess event! :lol: Or rather, was annoyed enough with battle for Hyjal. And when Abyssal finally dropped, it had a breed that didn't satisfy me, so I needed to apologise the AH anyway.

Memories of Gráinne reach the pre-WoD times. Now, you don't need an H/H minion for B-rated explosions anymore, as [pet]Crimson Spore[/pet] and [pet]Iron Starlette[/pet] can get the same results. Though I need to admit that I feel a bit stagnant having all three of infernals (adding [pet]Abyssius[/pet] and [pet]Minfernal[/pet]) P/P.

As Karazhan is such a plentiful place, if you still don't want to waste your opportunity for getting this pet, you actually don't have to be afraid of the Medivh's game. You need to do just the same what your average PvP pet players do: use your AoE units (daemons or elementals) to leave the opponent units defenseless.
Well timed, @Lio, I've recently joked about basing a very hypothetical pet brawl on this chess event (no cheating, tho!).
A following brainstorming could eventually lead my poor pal to a sleepless night! :lol:

I have compiled community knowledge & data about pet battle abilities!

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Re: Pet of the Month - Netherspace Abyssal

Post by Uduwudu » July 20th, 2016, 10:42 pm


Just 25'd mine!

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