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Re: Pet PVP Guild

Post by Ergroka71 » May 26th, 2016, 8:17 pm

I don't actually know of any guilds like you describe. The simple solution is to make one yourself. I'm sure there are people on the site who would enjoy such a guild. I know I would.

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Re: Pet PVP Guild

Post by Sunborne » May 27th, 2016, 6:35 am

Biscuit wrote:I know of the guilds on Madoran and also Cenarion Circle already, but what I've always wanted to see was a guild built primarily around people leveling up via the PVP queue.

The Madoran cluster of guilds are all very nice people and have a respectable amount of knowledge in regards to pets in general, however, almost none of them bother with PVP outside of the monthly garrison quest.

The "of the pet battle forum" guild seemed like a fitting home since that's where they ran the tournaments/leagues and whatnot. But lately it has become a wasteland with no members online.

I know I'm not the only person who levels alts using PVP pet battles. My question is where is everyone else? Are they on their Main's guild? Are they taking a break from WoW all together? Are they just avoiding Graves, sorry, I mean the PVP scene entirely until Legion fixes the meta?

I'd just love to find a home for my alts where I'm in the company of people on my same path. The ones who are slowly but surely trudging their way to 500, 1,000 or 5,000 wins and getting XP in the process.
Guild chat would often be comprised of strats, who is currently in the queue, suggested teams to use against said opponents, salty ramblings, tales of good crit fortune and the like.

Does this unicorn guild of mine actually exist somewhere out there?
I think you'd have better luck on Madoran where there are a lot more pet battle interested players. It might be a little slow right now but that is because its the end of the expansion and there is burn out. Once we get closer to the pre-launch event patch things always pick up again and players come back.

I'm also the one who hosted those tournaments (not the league stuff) on the Cenarion Circle guild and I moved to Madoran
a few months ago, some of the Cenarion Circle group came with me and made alts or transferred. I've done one tournament so far on Madoran and we had a great turn out. I'm considering doing one next week now that my IRL is slowing down again.

If you decide to make an alt on Madoran and check things out let me know and I'll personally hook you up with bags and starter gold for anything you need from my own funds :)

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