Need team & strat advice for Lil Deathwing please.

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Need team & strat advice for Lil Deathwing please.

Post by Logansfury » April 9th, 2016, 12:07 am

Good Evening,

Got Lil Deathwing and ive scoured the net looking for strats and teams to work with. I only found one lineup, back from a 2013 post so im not even sure if everyone has the same movesets and ability details as when the team was concieved, but Its:

[pet]Lil'Deathwing[/pet] [ability]Tail Sweep[/ability],[ability]Darkness[/ability],[ability]Elementium Bolt[/ability]
[pet]Gilnean Raven[/pet] [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability],[ability]Darkness[/ability],[ability]Nocturnal Strike[/ability]
[pet]Pandaren Monk[/pet] [ability]Takedown[/ability],[ability]Focus Chi[/ability],[ability]Fury of 1,000 Fists[/ability]

team synergy is Blindness debuff and Stunned debuff to be taken advantage of by Monk's Fury and Takedown respectively.

I didnt see any team name so im calling it "Sucker Punch" (seriously, who pummels people that are blind and incapacitated? and here I thought monks were serene...)

Anyhow, I took the team (3x lvl:25) into world pvp. Met up with another standard pet team and had a pretty solid win, then qued again and met Graves/FoA/MPD and got flatened. Then ran into metateam again - and again and again and again, so swapped to a counter team, got a win, and just decided to do something else for a while other than pet battle.

So im waiting for one of those windows during the day when more standard teams are prevalent to give the new pet more action, but I would really like to have a small handful of teams featuring Lil Deathwing to work with. Has anyone had good experiences with this pet and would you mind sharing any good team ideas and the strat behind the teams?

Thank you for reading,


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