Pet of the Month - Fjord Worg Pup

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Pet of the Month - Fjord Worg Pup

Post by Quintessence » December 16th, 2015, 5:36 pm

Many thanks to [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile] for writing the battling portion of our newest feature, Pet of the Month. Here are some additional points on the [pet]Fjord Worg Pup[/pet] that she wanted to share!

How Do You Use Your Fjord Worg Pup?
As with most pets with [ability]Howl[/ability] in their moveset, the Fjord Worg Pup's viability rests heavily on that ability. The combination with [ability]Dazzling Dance[/ability] is really what makes this pet such a must-have. With some other Howl-ers, Howl is pretty much all they bring to the table. But that useful, long buff can add a lot of synergy to a team, especially for PVP, where having an edge in Speed can make or break a match.

As noted in the main post, that speed can make the difference with your first slot decision. Just remember in making that decision that [ability]Flurry[/ability] and [ability]Bite[/ability] use two different damage types too. That off-family damage gives the Worg Pup's moveset a bit of depth, and is a theoretical asset for PVE team building.

In either case, the Worg Pup tends to be an excellent pick when you need to cut down a troublesome, big Critter, like Lucky Yi or the other Critter-y Beasts of Fable. It also makes for a good combo for the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan, especially on the few where you might not want to use [pet]Chrominius[/pet]. It does pretty well as a spot filler on most PVE teams where a beast would be welcome, too.

The reason the Worg Pup in particular nabs the spotlight this month, and not its more frostily-themed counterparts like the [pet]Arctic Fox Kit[/pet], is stats. The Fjord Worg Pup is the only pet with this specific moveset with a Power breed, which is really a shame, because I had so many fox-related puns ready to roll. Since we'll be using Dazzling Dance as a rule, its base speed is relatively unimportant, but its extra power to chomp holes in your enemy is a big plus. You can nab a few of the others at a higher level, particularly the [pet]Alpine Foxling[/pet] over in Kun-Lai, which can help you beat trickier encounters in a hurry. For PVP you'll want to go the extra mile to farm that P/P Fjord Worg Pup.

Written by: [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile]
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Re: Pet of the Month - Fjord Worg Pup

Post by Kel » December 16th, 2015, 7:16 pm

Hmm, I can't say I've ever battled with this guy. Which is funny because I have a P/P breed too. Maybe I better take another look at him. 8-)
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