What pets should be next?

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What pets should be next?

Post by Salerk » January 16th, 2015, 1:06 pm

Only got into pet collecting in the last 2 months mostly because of the molten corgi :)

But after leveling random pets that I've read are good to have, or just ones that I got from events or instances (so hoped they were good) I'm somewhat stuck on what pets might be classed as great pve pets that I may have passed over as they are just caught In the wild.

If anyone knows of a good list you could link me to or even just your personal top 10 caught pve pets that would be great to get me going again :)

Thanks sal :)

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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Morlis » January 16th, 2015, 1:40 pm

A few you shouldn't be without:
[pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet]
[pet]Pandaren Water Spirit[/pet]
[pet]Darkmoon Tonk[/pet]
[pet]Mechanical Pandaren Dragon[/pet]
A fast cat is also handy for certain power leveling situations.
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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Guest » January 16th, 2015, 2:42 pm

I would definitely look at the old 5.3 pet trainer guide to panda tamers it has a limited number of pets that can be used to carry pet the tamers and get your other teams up to 25 in a hurry. I know even without pet treats I can level 2 pets from 1 to 25 in an hour on autopilot mostly.

Here is the limited rotation you will need to follow the 5.3 guide while leveling pets for the 5.4 guide which will get you into Draenor quickly:

Pet Shop
Below, you will find the list of all the pets required to complete all the teams you will find in this guide:

5 battles
Darkmoon Tonk [-]

4 battles
Chrominius [-]
Emerald Proto-Whelp [4] (Uncommon rarity acceptable)
Snarly [-] (other crocilisks acceptable)

2 battles
Anubisath Idol [-]
Grasslands Cottontail [5]
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling [-]
Pandaren Water Spirit [-]
Vampiric Batling [-] or Bat [4]
Yellow Moth [4] (Uncommon rarity acceptable)

1 battle
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry [-]
Darkmoon Zeppelin [-]
Emperor Crab [4]
Eternal Strider [8]
Flayer Youngling [5] (Uncommon rarity acceptable)
Infinite Whelpling [4]
Scourged Whelpling [6] (Uncommon rarity acceptable)
Spirit Crab [6] (Uncommon rarity acceptable)
Unborn Val'kyr [?] (any breed acceptable)
Zandalari Kneebiter [4] or Zandalari Anklerender [14]

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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Peanutty » January 16th, 2015, 2:48 pm

Morlis wrote:A few you shouldn't be without:
[pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet]
[pet]Pandaren Water Spirit[/pet]
[pet]Darkmoon Tonk[/pet]
[pet]Mechanical Pandaren Dragon[/pet]
A fast cat is also handy for certain power leveling situations.
While all those are good pets, they're not wild caught (well, Cat would be!) :)

My suggestions for some wild pets that you might find handy for general wild battles and some tamer battles:
- Emerald Proto-Whelp. P/P is the most popular breed due to strong self heals and attacks, but even the other breeds will do nicely. Good against flying or magic but it's the fact that it can take a beating that makes it so desirable.
- Nexus Whelpling - Definitely want a P/P if possible. This little guy really tears through flying and magic pets.
- frogs - Pretty much any old model frog or toad will do. Very good against elementals and undead. I seem to favor non-"pure" breeds such as H/S, H/P, S/P but I've made sure to keep every variation around since they all have their uses.
- rabbits - Like frogs they're good against undead, with the added bonus of being able to dodge a lot of damage. Speed is key here so you'll want at least one S/S.
- moths - Easy to use, deadly against aquatic. I favor power heavy breeds, though the only P/P is a vendor pet.
- spiders - Good for grinding against critters. Brittle Webbing and Leech Life can keep them going through several rounds of battles. I generally favor P/P or H/P here to take advantage of the self healing.

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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Sile9 » January 16th, 2015, 2:51 pm

Scalded Basilisk Hatchling- Its highest possible base speed being 305 somewhat limits its use against legendary trainers, but it gets good mileage out of a speed-based moveset. Thrash to decimate critters, Stun to get out an additional Thrash against non-critters and force trainers to switch pets, and Feign Death to dodge burst and investment effects and safely swap away from faster pets.

Emerald Proto-Drake- Its shielding and healing are hugely effective in PvE, particularly against the Pandaria trainers. The P/P breed is ideal, but all of them have high power and are complemented by the Dragon passive to speed up fights where you only use the primary attack for damage. Hard counters fliers.

Junglebeak- Rain Dance is a powerful buff in itself; combined with Nocturnal Strike on the same pet it's simply outrageous. I used this pet along with a Cyclone user to grind out Draenor achieves against crabs due to how the buff interacts with Cyclone to decimate the back row.

Frostfur Rat- Highly viable moveset all around: a primary attack buffed by its own weather, strong defensives, and Flurry/Stampede work well on a speed breed. Comes in multiple potent breeds.

Sporeling Sprout- Crouch and Leech Seed combined with the Humanoid passive make this quite tanky.

Alpine Foxling- Dazzling Dance makes Flurry usable versus just about any non-flier while buffing your entire team's speed-based movesets. Howl can be combined with an investment effect for Howlbomb. Alternatively, there is Crouch to take hits while dishing out Flurries.

Cogblade Raptor- Exposed Wounds and Batter with its high base speed and speed buff/debuff make it particularly effective under Lightning Storm.

Emperor Crab- Another pet with shielding and great healing. Its P/P breed gives it the highest power obtainable by a crab.

Nether Faerie Dragon- Its burst attack also sets up Moonlight to buff its primary attack. The speed breed can make good use of evasion against burst attacks. Life Exchange is hugely effective against Legendary boss pets. Hard counters fliers.

Spirit Crab- High HP and Shell Shield make it very tanky. Claw and Whirlpool with its high power allow it to churn out considerable damage while taking it. Alternatively, you could use Surge spam with Shell Shield to completely neutralize the damage of certain speed-reliant attacks.

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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Oracle » January 19th, 2015, 2:07 pm

I'm particularly fond of the Nether Faerie Dragon and Nexus Whelping for magic attacks.
I also really love the Swamp Croaker..his bubble defense is wonderfully useful.
It's worth the time to poke around and find your fave kitty, as they're a strong choice against most critters. If you're not into kitties, just look for something with the devour attack for health mitigation.

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Re: What pets should be next?

Post by Principa » January 21st, 2015, 1:40 pm

Here are some of my WILD favourites!
  • Aquatic - From the WILD aquatics out there, I really like my [pet]Leopard Tree Frog[/pet]. (My favourite aquatic pet is [pet]Snarly[/pet]... but he's not wild. He's a chance drop from fishing dailies in Outland. But he's awesome.)
  • Beast - Get a spider! I like my [pet]Feverbite Hatchling[/pet], but really, any spider with Brittle Webbing is awesome. When other pets kill themselves on my spider? So great.
  • Critter - I don't really have a favourite critter... but it's handy to have a fast rabbit (like my [pet]Arctic Hare[/pet]) and a snail (like the [pet]Shimmershell Snail[/pet]).
  • Dragonkin - I have 3 favourite Dragons: 2 of them are the [pet]Infinite Whelpling[/pet] and the [pet]Nexus Whelpling[/pet]. I use these guys a lot, because they're awesome.
  • Elemental - [pet]Fel Flame[/pet]: my go-to elemental! Destroys mechs, and usually others in random pet battles, too.
  • Flying - I use my [pet]Crow[/pet] 99% of the time against aquatics, but also like having the [pet]Imperial Eagle Chick[/pet] and a [pet]Sandy Petrel[/pet].
  • Humanoid - there aren't too many wild humanoids that I like, but my [pet]Flayer Youngling[/pet] is up there.
  • Magic - Get an Ooze. I like my [pet]Jade Oozeling[/pet]. Super pro against flying, but useful against most other pets, too.
  • Mechanical - [pet]Cogblade Raptor[/pet]: my go-to mech. Love this guy! Exposed wounds + overtune (if the other guy is
  • faster) + batter = winning all the time.
  • Undead - see dragonkin; my [pet]Scourged Whelpling[/pet] is my 3rd favourite dragon, mostly because he's undead! The [pet]Spirit Crab[/pet] is also pretty handy.

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