A quite crazy PvP pet battle

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A quite crazy PvP pet battle

Post by Punka21 » December 10th, 2014, 7:12 am

It was a Wednesday morning, and quite early, not even an hour after dailies reset at six in the morning, well at least I know them to reset at that time on Durotan-US. My main toon, a gnome warlock named Punka, decided to queue for a PvP pet battle using Starmie, my Iron Starlette, my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, and my recently acquired Lil' Ragnaros. All of them were levels 9-10. I queue and wait, only to find out I was battling the same player who had beaten me earlier that morning, but I had Mr. Bigglesworth instead of the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. I was expecting this battle to be even worse. because my opponent's team was the same, Singing Sunflower, Molten Corgi, and a Personal World Destroyer. I noticed this meant I had two mechanicals and an elemental, and my opponent had two elementals and a mechanical. My decision to place Lil' Ragnaros to battle the elementals turned out to be a wise one, as it nearly defeated both. (I do want to note that when the Singing Sunflower set off my magma trap, my opponent did not switch out.) By the time Lil' Ragnaros had been defeated, the Singing Sunflower was dead, and the Molten Corgi was at roughly 25 percent health. I sent out my tranquil yeti, and used Lightning Storm, and despite Puppies of the Flame having a not-so-good boost for me, he defeated it just after said dodge ended. (Another note: Lil' Ragnaros used Flamethrower just before his internal flames went out, and I think most DoT ticks ignore dodge/block stuff like that, unless there is a bug.) Then the Personal World Destroyer came out, and defeated my yeti, but not before it lost about 25 percent of its health. Then Starmie the Iron Starlette showed itself, with a devastating Wind-Up on the final round of Lightning Storm. Mechanical passive popped up on my opponent's final pet, and two Powerballs from Starmie later, I had achieved victory.
I really wasn't expecting to win, but surprises happen.

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