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Stuck at 37/40 Master Tamers

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Stuck at 37/40 Master Tamers

Postby Rewlu » November 29th, 2012, 11:02 pm

Like the title states, I am stuck. I have completed all of the Eastern Kingdom battles, all of the Outland battles, Northrend, Cata, Pandaria etc... (Kalimdor achieve no longer shows up on the list for my ally toon). I dont know where the hell I find these last 3 freakin master tamers! I've literally battled them all. I logged over on my horde toon and it says I have the Taming Kalimdor achieve complete instead of Eastern Kingdoms on my Ally toon and vice versa. Any thoughts? Is it still bugged or am I just missing something?

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Re: Stuck at 37/40 Master Tamers

Postby Delinda » November 30th, 2012, 3:30 am

Try beating them all again. I had 39/40 tamers after the patch, although I had already battled with all tamers. When I defeated the tamer in Krasarang (the monkey) in a daily quest I received the achievement.
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Re: Stuck at 37/40 Master Tamers

Postby Darkke » November 30th, 2012, 3:46 pm

I'm having a similar problem, and have a solution in mind, but have not taken the time to attempt it yet.

I beat the trainers on different characters, for example, using my mage to port to tamers that were near big cities, using my engineer to teleport to gadgetzan, toshleys station, etc, and my main to fly around pandaria fighting the tamers there.

I suspect that I need to complete all of the tamers on ONE character to unlock the safari hat. I'll post confirmation if that works.

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Re: Stuck at 37/40 Master Tamers

Postby Malanade » November 30th, 2012, 3:49 pm

I'm stuck at 37 as well, and I've been going through to fight all of them again and still nothing so far.

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