PvP Pet Challenge: Grassland Cottontail

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PvP Pet Challenge: Grassland Cottontail

Post by Vek » July 26th, 2014, 7:28 am

Since the "Battle with that Pet" thread dried up I have still been busy trying out "new" pets and strategies. Though PvP did seem a bit stale just before summer now during summer months I have experienced a much more varied meta.

Anyway I am trying out different pets or different breeds and hope some of you will join in, despite of shining sun outside.

The Grassland Cottontail is the strongest of all Rabbits/Hares. The H/P breed weighs in at a good 1546 health, a nice 289 power and still medium speed at 260. While this means your rabbit won't be dodging speedy Death Adders, 260 speed is still faster than most Undead. 289 power makes quite a difference compared to the 227 power of the 357 speed rabbits(flurry 123 vs 154 per hit). Also if you don't mind losing the dodge you can always go with Adrenalin Rush instead to get 75% speed increase for 3 turns.

There has to be a place for this breed of rabbit. Right now though I am having not much luck with it, but that is perhaps just my match-ups. Anyone up to the challenge and try it out?

ps. Also noteworthy is that the S/S breed of the Grassland Cottontail maxes out at 325 speed(still faster than 309 speed Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings for example) but still has respectable 260 power.

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Re: PvP Pet Challenge: Grassland Cottontail

Post by Awq » July 30th, 2014, 1:36 pm

Mid-speed pets that rely on speed can work. But they have to rely on a partner that can counter the faster pets (either through move-set or being faster).
I pass on this one. I am too busy leveling level 22-23 pets in customized teams, find a team where that pet contributes.

I never liked using rabbits (except Darkmoon Rabbt).

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