Lost all my teams, shedding tears of rebuilding misery

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Lost all my teams, shedding tears of rebuilding misery

Post by Talmar » April 13th, 2014, 3:55 pm

Sooooooooooooo I just ran my curse addon updater and apparently my pet team addon got an update. All 35+ of my teams poofed into the wind. :o :shock: :evil: :( :cry:

All my trainer teams and spirit teams pvp teams and especially my tournament teams gone. I had them all down, great for 2 petting everything to power level a pet.

Time to build me an excel spreadsheet for all my teams.

This was quite disheartening.

This happen to anyone else? Is there an addon that does teams and allows you to export or back them up? Or better yet, not wipe them out after an update?

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Re: Lost all my teams, shedding tears of rebuilding misery

Post by Zampo » April 13th, 2014, 5:29 pm

I had this happen to me recently. I use a mod called "PatBattle Teams"

I was able to "fix" the teams by using the "Reconstruct Teams" button.

This button can be found in the mod options. I had to dig around a bit to get there, but here's how I got there:

1) Log in to any character
2) Press Escape
3) Click the Interfaces button
4) Click the AddOns tab on the left.
5) Click on "PetBattle Teams" to bring up the UI.

This dud pretty good job of fixing the teams, but there were a couple things I noticed:
!) On teams where you only had two pets and leave slot open for the leveling pet, it seemingly inserted a random pet into the empty pet slot.
2) On some of my teams, it reconstructed the team with the correct pets, but sometimes it would use the wrong breed of the pet.

Still, the end result was much better then loosing everything.

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