Battle pets Apps and addons question

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Battle pets Apps and addons question

Post by Tekulve2012 » March 3rd, 2014, 11:40 am

Hey folks

I'm a 'communication purist' so I don't own a cel phone. I 'broke down' and bought an e reader since the books I wanted were free and they run me 25-30$ in stores.

My point here is that I wanted to know if there is any WoW battlepet app worth having ..the ones I've seen are no good. I used to have an Ipod and had a solid app called Pet Guru but I dont seem to have access to it on my Kobo e reader.

What I want is an app that will give pet breeds/stats at lvl 1 and 25 and spawning locations of wild pets... trying to get all my pets to rare

Also curious if you guys might know of and addon that does this ..I currently have one that shows spawning spots on the map but I find it annoying when it covers the tamers locations (nearly memorised them all but not quite)

would appreciate any feedback

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