Pet Score questions

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Pet Score questions

Post by Faelar » December 11th, 2013, 10:24 pm

Well I am kind of stumped as to how the pet score works. I know each pet you own is worth X points (I believe 5). Is that if the pet is rare? Also what if the pet is 25? Are certain pets worth more points on this score?

One reason I am curious is that someone has 2 more points than me yet they have 1 single pet above me but I have 263 more pets at max level than this person. I am mainly just curious how the score works just because I am nearly done with all of my pets at 25 and unable to gain any new pets.

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Re: Pet Score questions

Post by Quintessence » December 11th, 2013, 10:46 pm

Here's the formula that WarcraftPets uses to calculate your Pet Score.
" 2*(total unique pets)
+ 4*(avg. pet level)
+ 1*(total common pets)
+ 2*(total uncommon pets)
+ 3*(total rare pets)
+ 5*(total epic pets)
+ 10*(total legendary pets)

Only unique pets are factored into pet score. Also notice that even though we use a multiplier of 4 to determine the level portion of your score, it's your average pet level that's being assessed. So you'd have to level a lot of pets by several levels to see a real difference in your score."
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Re: Pet Score questions

Post by Kpb321 » December 11th, 2013, 10:48 pm

The details are at:

Breaking it down it's 2 points per unique pet + 1 point for common, 2 for uncommon, 3 for rare so a new rare pet adds 5 to your score.

Average pet level * 4 is included in the score but it is only a max of 100 points and you are probably gonna get about half of them just from collecting pets so it really is a minor part of the score. To get 1 point you'd need to increase your average pet level by .25 which means you need # of pets in your collection * .25 levels. So for you 600 * .25 or 150 total levels or 6 pets leveled from 1 to 25.

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