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Red Cricket

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Red Cricket

Postby Talmar » October 31st, 2012, 11:44 am

So I just became Best Friends with Sho and she sent me a Red Cricket. Was very happy. Learned it and it's a Poor quality. :(

I checked with other guildies (Ally) and they all got Poor Red Crickets.

Just wondering how many out there got something other than Poor?

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Re: Red Cricket

Postby Gwenolyn » October 31st, 2012, 12:17 pm

Not sure, but if you want to lvl it and battle with it, you can stone it in the patch.

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Re: Red Cricket

Postby Quendo » November 1st, 2012, 6:42 am

My first one on my main was poor quality. So first thing I did when I reached 90 with one of my alts was to push reputation with Sho. But no chance - 2nd red cricket was poor quality too :/

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Re: Red Cricket

Postby Faela » November 1st, 2012, 7:05 am

My red cricket is rare quality! I didn't realise it could be anything else until I saw this thread, so now I feel very lucky.

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