Warbot per mail?

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Warbot per mail?

Post by Alaylith » September 2nd, 2012, 6:10 am

I logged into the game yesterday for the first time after the patch and logged in with my bank char; starting to log through all my characters to get all my pets.

And I was pretty suprised to see a free Warbot sitting in my postbox; sent from Jepetto. I thought that Blizzard made something so we European players would get a free one, but when I asked my guildmates no one got one per mail.

Then I looked here at WP, 'cause I thought there would be surely news about it, but here is nothing as well.

So I am just curious now - did anyone else get a Warbot per mail without doing anything? Can't think of any reason why I should get one and I got it with my bankchar (but no other char on my account got the mail).

I know that I am weird & crazy, but never thought my game is it, too. XD

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Re: Warbot per mail?

Post by Idoru » September 3rd, 2012, 3:34 am

I got it in the mail when I logged in after the patch, and I assume it's because I signed up for the promotion when it was going.

And even though I'm in the EU, I have been getting it in the mail on every character I have copied to PTR/BETA since then.

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Re: Warbot per mail?

Post by Plucky » September 4th, 2012, 11:03 am

I assume that when the promotion originally came out, the realms themselves had to be set manually to prevent mail for those promotions to appear at all, just like how the original Pink Elekks On Parade was doable on European Realms before Blizzard locked the quest from appearing on NPCs.

I assume that the PTR realms are global, a totally separate version where everyone can practically mingle with each over, and since it's a new version, they couldn't remove things such as the Warbot since they wanted players to test all sorts of situations, and they are in a realm where nothing has anything of tangible value.

Another case was the Online Pet Store, Blizzard noticed that people went and bought pets in a currency that was cheaper to the customer, so they forced codes to only work for the region in which their currency was bought, unsure if British people can use dollars to gift a pet to a friend in America or whatever, but yeah...

Since pet collections are Battle.Net wide, wouldn't that mean it may be possible for someone to obtain Lucky outside of China, or even Lurky outside of Europe, assuming you have accounts with those pets on them....unless Blizzard prevents intermingling of Warcraft Regions on one account......?

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