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Post by Talalara » March 3rd, 2023, 7:37 pm

The great trainer "Squirt" will be making an appearance at your garrison.
Since she is stopping by during "Pet Battle Bonus" week it's considered a

"Super Squirt Day"

So, get your stuff together:
Safari Hat
Burgers & hot dogs,
Good music, tablet or tv screen.

Using the following strat & all your buffs & bonuses
you can level a pet from level 1 to 25 in 2 rounds!

The following video is where this strat is derived.

Here is one of the easiest 2 pet team strat to use while "Squirt" is visiting your garrison.

You will need:
1 - Enchanted Broom - "Sweep" & "Batter"
2 - Weebomination - "Cleave" will be used

The 3rd member of your team can be any pet which is not level 25.
Even safe for level 1 pets.

When you start the battle use "Sweep" which will switch out "Deebs" & brings in "Treasure Goblin"

You will then switch out Broom to your pet which needs to be leveled.

Treasure Goblin will then "phase" into a protective bubble.
You then switch leveling pet to Weebomination.

Use "Cleave" the whole time until your Weebom dies. This will take out the back line.

Then bring your Broom back in & finish Goblin with Batter.

*Should any back line pet survive, your Broom will be able to finish it if needed*

Good luck all & happy leveling.

Get to work raising those pet levels!

But above all have fun.

Good Luck


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Re: SUPER SQUIRT DAY 03/04/2023

Post by Tekulve2018 » March 3rd, 2023, 9:57 pm

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but a couple of notes to consider:

1st- if you have a safari hat, save your pet xp biscuits- they are no real benefit.
It will take 2 battles to level a pet from one to 25 during pet week with a safari hat and no buffs.

If pure speed is your goal, (which is especially beneficial if you are leveling an alt toon)- I suggest you keep a sharp eye out for the Legion repeatable WQ - Odorrog (snail fight-highmountain)

It is a faster fight, thus levels more pets reliably and cheaply. You'll need bandages, but they are cheap and easy to obtain. The snail fight WQ has not appeared lately so odds are in favor of it popping. We are due to see Sir Galveston soon as well-another fast and effective repeatable WQ.

Once I obtained the draenor pet battle monument for garrison, I've always turned to the better Legion repeatable quests for
pushing alts from 60 to 70. This can make you some gold while leveling alts.(if you peddle leveled pets at all)

If you prefer a garrison social time- have at it-happy gaming to you all

Ironically, Sir Galveston is actually up in Legion Dalaran -Sat. march 4th
It is a 70 second fight ... _Galveston

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Re: SUPER SQUIRT DAY 03/04/2023

Post by Greg098 » March 4th, 2023, 9:08 pm

Sir Galveston is a very quick fight and also gives xp! I'm getting about 5k xp on alts. Not much but every bit helps so I recommend using a leveling alt!

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Re: SUPER SQUIRT DAY 03/04/2023

Post by Abbotta » April 3rd, 2023, 11:27 pm

I missed that day but managed to get in Squirt day today. I didn't think of using Weeb with the Broom. I tried a strategy of using Boneshard with Broom and that lasted about 5-6 rounds until I was annoyed beyond belief (Boneshard + Puzzle - those sounds were ugh!).

So my strategy was Bronze Whelpling & Widget. A nice safe fight that was 100% guaranteed. Then I set aside all the pets I got to level 23/24 and leveled them with my Mechanical Pandarian Dragonling. MPD could probably solo the 3, but I'd double up with 2 of the level 23/24 and have those kill off Puzzle.

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Re: SUPER SQUIRT DAY 03/04/2023

Post by Uduwudu » April 6th, 2023, 7:32 am


Always used the combination of the Worg Pup (only one of them works btw, and I'm sorry I don't know which one I have right now), the Ghastly Kid and then the Level 1 ... have not had any issues at all, though it took me 3 tries at the start to get the timing right as I had not quite remembered it. After that, it was all the pets up and ready and did a couple of extra ones to go to 18.

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