Complete Uuna for Baal?

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Complete Uuna for Baal?

Post by Nihlium » April 22nd, 2021, 7:09 pm


I did search and could not find a definitive answer. Does Uuna have to be “complete” to weaken Ba’al? Ive gotten through the scenario with her and she has her wand but still would weaken Baal when I summoned her. Is there a command I must do?

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Re: Complete Uuna for Baal?

Post by Rioriel » April 23rd, 2021, 7:24 am

If you've gone through her entire quest chain and tour, and she's got the new appearance in the pet journal (wand, crown, teddy) then she should weaken Baa'l, but the goat is so so so so so buggy. Took me a good hour of walking in and out his room, turning Warmode on/off/on, joining groups, server hopping, and eventually the stars aligned and they emoted at each other.

There's a toy from the Throne of Thunder raid (remember those killer snails between Maegera and Jikun... they drop it) which can "reset" baal to make him respawn, but the whole thing's a pain in the arse :lol:

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