Post Your Latest and Greatest Pet Deals & Drops

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Post Your Latest and Greatest Pet Deals & Drops

Post by Crazypants » June 28th, 2020, 10:10 am

Its been an amazing week for drops and auction house deals. First I get a Ghostly whelping out of a doubloon box then a day later I find a lvl 25 Knockoff Blingtron on the AH for 65k. As if that wasnt enough the RNG gods blessed me with the Astral Cloud Serpent (172 attempts) and Squawks (230 attempts) as well. Best week in 15 years Ive ever had for pet/mount drops.

Anybody else have any crazy in game luck they wanna share?

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Re: Post Your Latest and Greatest Pet Deals & Drops

Post by Sunnygirl305 » July 29th, 2020, 1:26 pm

my best luck would be the Gilnean Raven S/S (which you cannot get anymore, not S/S) i bought him for 15k on a high pop server when others were selling the pet for 100k and up it was more of a right place right time for me.

The day that Raiding with leashes pandaria was first released to public/live servers, I WANT to believe I was the first one to get that achievement but I'm sure there were others like me with over 10+ alts who can run these old dungeons and raids lol i know i was the first one to post it on instagram though!

from the top of my head I cannot remember any more "luck" but i CAN remember that i had one amazing player who i decided to help out at 4am after falling asleep, they were a healer, helping them through the assaults to get their cloaks done, we camped for The Forgotten and it was their first time to getting K'uddly and i nearly cried because it was not only their first time but had no idea about the rare dropping that cute pet and they decided to give it to me instead. In their own words, more or less, "I wont make any use of it and it seems like you know more about battle pets than I, please take it, as a thank you for staying up and helping me through both assaults"

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