Disturbed Podling->Nightshade Sproutling

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Disturbed Podling->Nightshade Sproutling

Post by Harpooha » June 25th, 2017, 4:35 pm

I've been trying to get an S/S version of this for a while. Sprouted pet buyers on several servers when I saw them, but always missed it. I also have a sub 100 character in Draenor that I occasionally use, but he's getting pretty close to 100 now. Never seen one in the Garrison garden since Legion launch, so I guess that's dead.

Is it worth keeping the guy under level 100 to farm for this or does it matter? I read once that they didn't spawn if you are above 100, but I think that got fixed. And if they don't spawn in the Garrison garden anymore, I'm beginning to think there's no real reason to stop the XP. I just want to check before he pops level 100.

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Re: Disturbed Podling->Nightshade Sproutling

Post by Shashos » June 25th, 2017, 9:43 pm

According to Wowhead comments, someone got one to drop out of their Garrison herb garden during patch 7.2, back in April. So, looks like it's still there. Other comments also state that it seems like having a follower in the garden may increase the rate of the podling spawning.

Also, if you have an herbalist, farming herbs in Ashran might be a good way. It appears that the podlings spawn from herb nodes more frequently there.

All that said, I never did get one of these to drop during WoD despite having multiple herbers and clearing my herb garden daily for much of that expansion.

My experience during Legion so far is that it seems/feels like all random sources of battlepets have been heavily nerfed. That might explain the sudden scarcity. I know that for a long, long time, the baby crocolisk pets from the Shat fishing daily were about a 40% drop rate. I had so many of them that I was giving the away as gifts. Now, I rarely get one despite having 9 alts parked at the quest giver for when this daily pops up.

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Re: Disturbed Podling->Nightshade Sproutling

Post by Nagini » June 26th, 2017, 1:25 am

The pets in the dreanor garrisons always had a REALLY low dropchance. People did the herb garden/mines daily for months on multiple toons, and never saw anything. I personally leveled several toons just on the garrison stuff from 92-100 and ended up buying both pets on the AH.

I mean, there's always the chance you could get lucky, but you might want to count on it being another few years till it drops...

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Re: Disturbed Podling->Nightshade Sproutling

Post by Ebil » June 26th, 2017, 10:07 am

Be careful with having a follower or any trinket with a summons on it. If they kill the podling before you get a tag you will not be able to loot the podling.

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