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Post by Shesell » February 3rd, 2017, 8:10 pm

Hello Warcraft Pet people!
I am wondering how you hunt your pets. Here's why. When I get super frustrated looking for something and the last 25 have been common or poor, I kill them out of the pet battle hoping they will spawn something better. I do start the fight to determine what they are. I leave the ones uncommon or better and the ones with better secondary's, or rares I do not need. The rest I kill with extreme prejudice with a moonfire to the brain.
In your experience, is this a good or bad way to proceed?
Thanks for any help,


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Re: Hunting

Post by Jerebear » February 3rd, 2017, 10:12 pm

Realistically with how easy it is to get pet charms and with the marked flawless stones being common pet battle WQ rewards, my suggestion is spend what time hunting you can sanely enjoy, but if unlucky, just pick the breed that you want in any rarity and just use a stone on it to rarify.. There really is no reason to get an uncommon over a poor or common pet. There are really only two rarities: Rare and everything else.
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Re: Hunting

Post by Ranok » February 4th, 2017, 1:02 am

Main thing I tried to avoid was slaughtering all the wild pets in sight when I couldn't find a rare, then noticing other players around that might have been looking for one of any quality. In Draenor, in fact, Blizzard usually wouldn't let you kill a wild pet any way except in pet battle. That changed back in Legion.

I've gone same way Jerebear recommended, grab a new pet with any rarity and then battle-stone it up to Rare. Which is easy if you have good supply of battle-stones. Lot of us hoarded pet charms when they were so abundant from Garrison Menagerie dailies and Draenor master trainers. If you didn't, the big nerf to their drop numbers in Legion means stocking up now takes a while. You can score 12 pet charms a day doing the six Dreanor master tamers, but like doing WQ tamers, this sometimes not easy unless you have just the right pets on your team.

Best method now may be buying Boon of the Zookeeper from Draemus at the Magical Menagerie in Dalaran. This gives you a shoulder enchant that'll occasionally trigger a Pile of Pet Supplies when you loot kills. Seems to happen only a few times per hour but always has 7 to 10 pets charms, often a pet treat that'll increase pet XP from battles, and sometimes even one of the rarifying battle-stones for some specific type of pet.

Alliance characters sell the charms to Lio the Lioness at same shop or back at Garrison. For 15, can get Marked Flawless Battle-Stone that will upgrade any pet to Rare quality.

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Re: Hunting

Post by Peanutty » February 4th, 2017, 2:07 am

As a "crazy collector" I don't like using my pet stones on wild pets, even though I'm rolling in hundreds of them along with an unknown amount of pet charms. That's just my personal collecting style, I really love the challenge of catching rares in the wild - often in a specific breed or with a specific skin - even if it drives me crazy having to spend hours or days on it.

To OP: I do sometimes kill off poorer quality pet spawns (either through pet battle or direct damage), but I reserve that for pets that are either fairly common or that have a high respawn rate. I avoid killing packs that have any rare quality pets in them. If I see other people pet battling in the area I don't kill off spawns because I don't know what the other players are looking for.

For rarer spawn wild pets I decide what breed and/or skin I want and just catch one based on those parameters and stone it.

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Re: Hunting

Post by Paladance » February 4th, 2017, 2:31 am

That's as simple as it could be I guess:

If there are up to 3 breeds available, hunt for a rare. The exception was erudite manafiend, because I didn't want to prevent other players from getting it or completing their falcosaur quest. Also, the pet spawning in an arcane trap? Who runs that place, Millhouse?!

If there are 4 or more breeds available, rarify whatever appears in the demanded breed.

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Re: Hunting

Post by Digem » February 4th, 2017, 10:50 am

Never ever worry about whether a pet is rare or not. It is easy to make any pet rare and a rare pet doesn't have any special or bonus stats than one made rare.
The only thing that matters is breed type. If a pet has multiple breed types, not all do, having the one with the best breed type is far superior to if it is rare or not. The right breed type can make a pet go from weak or meh to a dominate little battler.
Always worry about breed you can always make a pet rare later.

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