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Discrepancies in Pet Totals

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Discrepancies in Pet Totals

Postby Majikthise » March 13th, 2015, 8:41 pm

When I look at my total pets on this site it tells me I've collected 566 unique pets (updated just prior to this post).
My pet journal tells me I've collected 575 pets.
The achievement for So Many Pets tells me I have 586.

Can anyone explain why the totals are different?

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Re: Discrepancies in Pet Totals

Postby Quintessence » March 13th, 2015, 8:47 pm

Your WarcraftPets collection is showing 586 unique pets for me, the same number as your armory page and your achievement.

It's odd that your Pet Journal says you have less pets than your armory lists. Normally the journal would have a much higher number, as it counts all pets including duplicates.

Did you recently cage or release some pets? If so, try logging out completely to refresh your armory page, and then re-import your collection to WarcraftPets.
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