Wod Beta Pet Battles.

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Wod Beta Pet Battles.

Post by Aalea » September 4th, 2014, 2:33 am

Everything about the pet battles in Beta WoD seems unfinished.

Yes I realise it is only the beta but I am rather disappointed as this was one of the two things I wanted to test and check on the Beta, the other was the Garrison and they have managed to stuff that up since the last patch too.

I did two pet battles daily tamers today and was only awarded the Pet Charm, no satchel or anything else at all. I hope this is not going to be the way it stays or I will be VERY disappointed.

Also I tried yesterday to get some blue pets so I could check out stats and see how they fit in a team. Every Mud Jumper I came across bar 1 was green, the other was grey. I got to the stage if forfeiting fights to make it faster to catch a blue. But from the huge amount I fought there was not a single blue or white quality pet and the stats were exactly the same on all the Mud Jumpers I did fight. I was surprised they haven't worked more on adding this in earlier. Pet battles need testing too.

I also fought some squirrels and adders and got only 1 pet in the other team and also every pet I fought was green with the same stats, same goes for the new Leatherhide Runt.

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Re: Wod Beta Pet Battles.

Post by Jerebear » September 4th, 2014, 9:04 am

If you go to the original pet tamer in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, there is a person next to them that sells you stones to both rarify pets and level them to 25 instantly.

I actually like the change from satchels to pet charms. Previously, you got a satchel that awarded charms and a random +1 level family specific stone. After doing tamers for a few days my bags were getting full of 10 family specific flawless battle stones + 10 family specific +1 level stones + everything else I had. The move to just charms makes it a lot less bag space. I do miss the fun of opening up something for a special surprise, but bag space was getting a bit out of hand as it was.

Though, from a functional standpoint, I prefer to be able to use the charms on whatever I want vs always getting a random +1 level to a certain family.

EDIT: Also, if your garrison is bugged on Horde side, try alliance. My alliance garrison worked for the menagerie pretty well from the get go. I really like some of the new daily battles.
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Re: Wod Beta Pet Battles.

Post by Quintessence » September 4th, 2014, 1:16 pm

The only concern I have with WoD Pet Battles is the wild pets. I'm still unsure if wild pets in Draenor are supposed to be single pet fights, or if they *should* have 2 other team members but it remains unfinished.

Other than that, though, I'm pretty pleased with how things are shaping up. The content path is fairly long and full of stuff for us to do. Sometimes it won't be entirely related to pets/pet battles. We'll need to do other things to supplement our collecting/battling gameplay.

Content so far:
  • 1.) Build your garrison and level your Town Hall to 2 (Requires a level 92 toon + placing a building in all level 1 plots)
    2.) Fully unlock the Menagerie (requires completing a short quest inside your garrison).
    3.) Continue to level your Town Hall to 3 and level your Menagerie to level 2.
    4.) Complete the achievement Draenic Pet Battler to unlock the blueprints for the Menagerie level 3.
The next steps don't necessarily need to be completed in any specific order:
  • 5.) Go to each zone and defeat all the Draenor trainers to unlock Taming Draenor.
    6.) Once your toon has reached level 98, a daily quest should pop up inside your garrison to defeat one of the 15 rotating pet NPCs that visits each day.
    7.) With 1000 pet battles while in Draenor under your belt AND the level 3 Menagerie, you'll unlock a new daily called "Mastering the Menagerie". It awards a bag with charms, leveling stones, and you have a chance to loot 1 out of 7 pets from it.
I'm sure I'm missing something in this list of steps, and there are lots of other things to do. Achievements and quests that reward pets, drops, placing garrison buildings that yield new pets, leveling the new pets, battle-stones to upgrade/level, etc.

We'll also be revisiting the old Grand Master trainers too since they reward the same amount of pet experience as Draenor trainers. The Celestial Tournament might even be a goal since defeating the trainers there is a requirement for completing the achievement An Awfully Big Adventure.

All of this will eventually go into a proper overview, but I wanted to explain thoroughly why I think the content is already fairly fleshed out. :)
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