[WoD] Wild pets with only 1 to battle?

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[WoD] Wild pets with only 1 to battle?

Post by Mykro9 » August 31st, 2014, 10:17 pm

I haven't been hardcore into doing stuff in WoD beta yet, but in exploring, all I have come across are single pets to battle, similar to the Arcane Eyes and Restless Shadelings in Deadwind Pass. I also have only come across squirrels and rats and other common wild battle pets, and few 'new' wild pets. Are these just not implemented yet, or am I not looking in the right places. I did find the Draenor version of the Clefthoof runt, and a white crab on a shoreline, but nothing else.

So, is the norm in WoD going to be 1 pet per wild pet encounter, and is finding the new wild pets going to be few and far between, or is this a part of the game that is not yet implemented, and thus why I have come across so few so far?

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Re: [WoD] Wild pets with only 1 to battle?

Post by Quintessence » August 31st, 2014, 10:25 pm

I haven't read any kind of confirmation that Draenor wild battles will consist of a single pet, so it's likely that the wild battles on beta are unfinished, but we'll see.
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