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Username: Wakamaru Site MVP  
Character: Wakamaru (H)
Realm & Rank: Bladefist-us (#1)
Connected Rank: Bladefist-us (#10)
Pets Collected: 1383/1708
Pets Rated: 660/1708 — Appearance
47/1678 — Battle
Joined: July 07, 2013
Last Online: January 07, 2023
Community: Comments (20)
Forum Posts (608)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Wakamaru

Wakamaru Says: 

I hope everyone is having fun in Legion!


New Pets

772. Auburn Ringtail

773. Benax

774. Bleakwater Jelly

775. Fetid Waveling

776. Gleamhoof Fawn

777. Golden Eaglet

778. Rose Taipan

779. Slithering Brownscale

780. Spring Strider

781. Terror Larva

782. Vale Flitter

783. Zoom 

Posted Sep 3, 2016 at 5:39pm

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About Wakamaru:

Feel free to send me a Private Message or contact me on Twitter!



Hello, everyone!  

I have been a pet collector since the early days of Vanilla-WoW when I came across a Hyacinth Macaw and fell in love.  I'm so thrilled to see that WoW has taken the pet collecting to a more interactive level!

Azeroth Adoption Agency Info & Links

Azeroth Adoption Agency, commonly known as A3, is a community sponsored companion and battle pet adoption service. The agency helps fellow pet collectors build their collections by giving them free access to pets they still need.


To learn more about this project and the wonderful community that supports it: Forum Post - The most up-to-date information on WCP. Article - Contains very outdated information. Please see our WCP article for the most up-to-date information. - Our community site. Everything A3 revolves around this site.


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