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Username: Nicholasbates  
Character: Mankrik (A)
Realm & Rank: Nagrand-us (#12)
Connected Rank: Nagrand-us (#44)
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Joined: July 14, 2022
Last Online: July 14, 2022
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About Nicholasbates:

Nicholas Bates is a third-year college student who likes to spend his time solving scientific problems as a homework helper at He mainly deals with physics and chemistry, but he can also answer questions about biology and astronomy.



Most of the questions that he helps out with come from students in high school and college, but Nicholas also takes inquiries from children. It's his favorite part of his job. Nicholas was originally a math tutor when he was in high school, but one day, his math teacher asked for help with biology problems as well. He really enjoyed helping other people, so he continued to tutor in these areas. He enjoys being able to provide an answer someone who is stuck and gives them a new perspective on their problem by giving advice that they might not have thought of themselves.



Nicholas was born in Pittsburgh when his parents were both scientists and educators. The family moved to North Carolina for his father's work, but Nicholas always wanted to be a scientist, too.

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