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Username: Melmo Site MVP  
Character: Melmoki (A)
Realm & Rank: Whisperwind-us (#11)
Connected Rank: Whisperwind-us (#14)
Pets Collected: 1446/1734
Pets Rated: 1494/1754 — Appearance
208/1724 — Battle
Joined: May 24, 2012
Last Online: Yesterday
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About Melmo:

I started playing WoW in July 2010 with my boyfriend Craigert and although I started late (and missed out on Baby Blizz Bear, Onyxia, Mr. Chilly, etc.) I am still really proud of my collection ♥


My first pet was the Green Wing Macaw from Deadmines. I loved it immediately, but didn't really start taking collecting seriously until summer 2011 when I saw the Wind Rider Cub in the Blizz store. The collecting bug finally got me and has kept hold ever since! I currently have every different color skin and size of all wild pets. I'm not OCD at all, I *swear*!!!


My favorite pet is Junior, my Guardian Cub. Close seconds are ArgiFrosty, and Graves ♥


I have an excellent trading reputation--if you'd like to trade with me here are some of the members I've traded with for reference:


Zoreia                  •Moneypenny         •Nymphis

Kandace               •Dasaq                  •Mystical

Techno                 •Adecesar              •Eatdawg

Luxxy                   •Orionslaver           •Rakeling

Yamum                 •Gammstein           •Annys

Demiano               •Tria                      •Dreadhunger

Bellstarz                •Sweetdr0ps          •Feliciamarie

Navi                      •Rhaellia                •Skye

Angelwings626       •Shoclate               •Sakurae

Kpb321                  •Moonie1               •Faelar

Presto                    •Sibi                      •Opteron

Kravian                  •Wowkemon           •Katnipssc

Markedangel6469    •Gokugohanpan     •Sergio82

Erleichda                 •Cerridwen            •Vivienne


 ☆Thank You☆

Special thanks to user Vek whose pet battling advice has helped me quite a bit ♥

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