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Username: Marbelle Top Rater  
Character: Marbelle (A)
Realm & Rank: Emerald Dream-EU (#62)
Pets Collected: 503/1034
Pets Rated: 0/1084 — Appearance
0/1064 — Battle
Joined: August 05, 2008
Last Online: October 19, 2014
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Marbelle Says: 

Got Cinder KittenLil' Ragnaros, Lil' XT and Soul of the Aspects from my boyfriend! <3

Posted Dec 13, 2012 at 3:15pm

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About Marbelle:

Hello :)

I play on the Alliance side on Emerald Dream - EU.

My pet collecting started quite early when I started playing WoW on Aszune - EU. When my first character was around level 13 she was running around in Dun Morogh and found a small dwarf chasing a rabbit at Amberstill Ranch. So, I had to had a rabbit, bugged my brother for some silver and bought my very first pet! :) That same rabbit I still have in my bank, never deleted or sold.
Since then I just try to get my hands on all kinds of pets.

Never found realy much other people that collected them all or kept all pets they got from quests, until I changed server and joined a very nice guild on Emerald Dream. I wasn't that long in that guild when the Mojo "bug" was there (you only had to kiss an NPC), there was a whole raid just to summon all to ZA to get a Mojo... I felt home right away :D

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