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Username: Klya  
Character: Klya (H)
Realm & Rank: Kargath-us (#12)
Connected Rank: Kargath-us (#51)
Pets Collected: 813/1733
Pets Rated: 1/1754 — Appearance
1/1724 — Battle
Joined: June 13, 2009
Last Online: 5 days ago
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Klya Says: 

5.1 hits; I pause from battles to farm some cloth (for the moth and silkworm), and as I open up bags and Tailoring window to convert some of my Motes of Harmony into Imperial Silk, Blue Screen of Death...


It appears that my comp won't start now, and a friend thinks my hard drive has crashed.  Happy pet hunting, everyone...I'll join you all when I'm able :(

Posted Nov 28, 2012 at 9:00am

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About Klya:

Highly retentive:  if a battle pet isn't Rare, I will farm until I find one that is.  Also, regardless of how many Uncommons I've grabbed as backups, they don't get added to my collection here, until I've found that true keeper (except in the case of the Jungle Grub)!  Luckily, I've managed a rare of all the true rarer spawns (Minfernal, Scourged Whelpling, Tiny Twister, etc)!  Most of these were before the announcement of the battle pet stones...and, I'm a bit depressed to think that a shortcut is being provided.  Maybe if they're only usable on non-captured pets, I could appreciate them more...


Only big time sink I believe I really have left, will be raising an Alli toon high enough to get an Argent Squire (and joining a guild/gaining enough rep to get the Alli Herald/Page)... :(

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