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Username: Inca_Princesa  
Character: Rozamalia (H)
Realm & Rank: Scarlet Crusade-US (#50)
Pets Collected: 608/938
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: August 28, 2010
Last Online: December 04, 2014
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Inca_Princesa Says: 

It would be nice to have pets that were considered epic and legendary.


 What’s Next?

-60/75 level 25 pets!

-Using the Quintessence and guides for Master Tamer, Beasts of Fable, and Celestial To urnament once I have enough pets at max level. 

-Collecting TCG pets

-I would really like to get my hands on the original Wow collector's edition...That's the only collector's edition I do not have :(


Favorite Moments:

-Blizzcon 3 years in a row 2010/2011/2013

-Jaymerz questing for Tiny Flamefly

-Verv encouraging/helping me get Mojo>4.1

-Grinding critters with Verv for Armadillo Pup

-Knowing I have more pets than Barbie!

Posted Sep 21, 2014 at 10:49am

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About Inca_Princesa:

My first character I created was a human warlock. Go figure, I'm playing a fantasy game, and I decide to create a human... Anyways, it is because of my friend Nick that I began collecting pets and actually playing Wow. There I was, cursing and fearing my foes with my faithful companion, Cornish Rex Cat, by my side. I ended up collecting all of the cats from Elwynn Forest when I saved up enough gold. (Back then, in Vanilla Wow, it wasn’t easy to get gold like it is now. Now, leveling from 80-85 leaves a character with at least 5k gold.) While I was saving up my gold, Nick taught me about the Neutral Auction House, and Cockroach joined the ranks of the felines. Then, the Darkmoon Faire traveled through Elwynn Forest and Nick surprised me with Wood Frog and Tree Frog. By this time, I was actually getting bored with my human warlock, so I decided to create a human (yes, another human) priest.


My main was born that day. But my poor priest didn’t have any pets to accompany her on her adventures. So the gold saving began yet again. I used my bank as a kennel for my pets. In my bags, I would carry a few pets with me exchanging them each time I was in a major city. This went on throughout Burning Crusade, and my collection kept growing. The pets I had were pretty much from word of mouth. I didn’t even think of going online to look up where and how to acquire more pets. Well, I didn’t end up finishing Burning Crusade (shout out to Karazhan!) or the beginning of Wrath because I took a break. I returned to Wow around June 2009. Fast forward to level 80 and to achievements. Some of these achievements rewarded pets? No way! I quickly acquired more pets until I had my Little Fawn.


At this point I began collecting achievement points, mounts, and more pets. The first pet I ever grinded for was the Firefly. From then on, when I had down time, because there was a lot of down time between ICC and Cataclysm, I leveled up my alts all the while using them to grind for pets. (Well if they could get experience killing mobs, why not utilize them? I ended up with 5 alts all level 80).


I eventually joined the dark side (yes, For the Horde), and I have been fortunate to find friends who are also avid pet collectors. For my birthday, my wonderful friends gave me Azure Whelpling, and for Christmas my cute De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion(Thank you, Verv!)

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