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Username: Arji Site MVP  
Character: Arji (H)
Realm & Rank: Lothar-eu (#2)
Connected Rank: Lothar-eu (#3)
Pets Collected: 1420/1726
Pets Rated: 0/1747 — Appearance
0/1717 — Battle
Joined: October 16, 2008
Last Online: June 06, 2023
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Arji Says: 

Being a Mom of two I don't get to play as much anymore as I did a few years back.


So these days I mostly focus on not missing any timebound pets and keep in touch with some pet collectors from warcraftpets-guild on Silvermoon(EU).


Throwing in a bit of Wow Classic here and there and time's up.


^_^ Arji




Neverending Thanks to Breanni and the Staff at for all your ongoing work!

Posted Nov 16, 2019 at 4:03am

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About Arji:

Suche immer Leute auf Europäischen Servern zum Tauschen oder Be-Quatschen von Pets! Melde dich doch inGame oder hier.



I started WoW in 2005 on EU-Server "Lothar" Horde.


Pre-BC I raided as an Undead Deff-Tank Ony/MC/BWL.

Took a break for most of 2008.

Came back around Fall 2009 and finally got my first char to 70:

Arji, Undead Warrior, Lothar-EU.


With WotLK I changed my main char to a BE Paladin and my Dedication from Tanking to Healing. Healed with my BE Pala all the way through ICC. (But it was the Warri who finally got to be a Kingslayer.)


When Cata hit, I rushed my Warri to 85. Lost motivation after the big Guild changes. Took a break for most of 2011.


Back in December 2011. Did all the missed Cata-Quests, and restartet hunting for Achievments and some of the missed Pets.


With MoP I went crazy running after all the new pets to collect. Mainly on my Undead Warri (Fury now). I was not really happy with the new CRZ installation. But eventually got lucky and caught the ultra rares at a server-restart.


[May 2013] Newly introduced Battle-Tag got me to enjoy the upsides of Cross-Realm-Friendships. I was very impressed by Around that time joined the Warcraftpets Guild on Silvermoon EU: Arjicora and anything that stars with Arji in the Guild.


[Summer 2014] Our son was born and I didn't have much time to play. Lost my PetCollector#1 Position on Lothar EU.


[2015/2016] Played on and off mostly in the evenings when our Little Man was asleep. Got my #1 Position on Lothar back and searched some new Pet Collector Contacts.


[2017] Had to roll up my sleeves to keep my #1 Realm Position. Fall 2017 my GPU decided to fry shortly before Junior#2's due date so I went on Pet Collecting Baby-Break early not done with RwL.

[Oct 2017] Son#2 arrived. Not much online time. Rank dropped to #4 in December *meh*

[2018+19] Gametime in the evenigns when both boys sleep.

[2020] Corona! Been on gamebreak mostly (February until now)


Given the timeframe and casual playstile I mostly end up playing alone collecting missing pets and nessesary dailies.


Y'all have fun!

^_^ Arji




Murkimus 2009: Enjoyed my matches with Lazul and Maloghurst from UK -------------------------------------------------

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