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Username: Arji Site MVP  
Character: Arji (H)
Realm & Rank: Lothar-EU (#2)
Pets Collected: 870/892
Pets Rated: 0/916 — Appearance
0/897 — Battle
Joined: October 16, 2008
Last Online: 4 days ago
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Arji Says: 

Happy New Year. All the Best to all the Pet Collectors and othere nice People reading this  \^_^/




Many thanks to the kind Foxgirl who let me use her Raid Lockout to catch a Dream Whelpling, you know who you are.


Neverending Thanks to Breanni and the Staff at for all your ongoing work!

Posted Dec 31, 2016 at 7:37pm

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About Arji:

Suche immer Leute auf Europäischen Servern zum Tauschen oder Be-Quatschen von Pets! Melde dich doch inGame oder hier.



I started WoW in 2005 on EU-Server "Lothar" Horde.


Pre-BC I raided as an Undead Deff-Tank Ony/MC/BWL.

Took a break for most of 2008.

Came back around Fall 2009 and finally got my first char to 70:

Arji, Undead Warrior, Lothar-EU.


With WotLK on the horizon I changed my main char to a BE Paladin and my Dedication from Tanking to Healing. Healed with my BE Pala all the way through ICC. (But it was the Warri who finally got to be a Kingslayer.)


When Cata hit, I rushed my Warri to 85. Lost motivation after the big Guild changes. Took a break for most of 2011.


Back since December 2011. Did all the missed Cata-Quests, and restartet hunting for Achievments and some of the missed Pets.


With MoP I was crazy running after all the new pets to collect. Mainly on my Undead Warri (Fury now). And was not really happy with the CRZ installation. But well, eventually I'll got lucky and caught a server-restart for the ultra rares at that tiime.


[May 2013] Battle-Tag got me to enjoy the upsides of Cross-Realm-Friendships. I was very impressed by Probably around that time joined the Warcraftpets Guild on Silvermoon EU: Arjicora and anything that stars with Arji in the Guild.


[Summer/Fall 2014] Our son was born and since then I don't have much time to play. Lost my PetCollector#1 Position on Lothar EU.


[2015/2016] Playing on and off mostly in the evenings when Our Little Man is asleep. Got my #1 Position on Lothar back and would love to have some more Pet-Collector-Contacts.


^_^ Arji




Murkimus 2009: Enjoyed my matches with Lazul and Maloghurst from UK -------------------------------------------------

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