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Patch 7.3 PTR: New Pets, New Achievements, & Twilight Pet

August 03, 2017
UPDATE: Thanks to a heads up from developer Jeremy Feasel, it's been revealed that Blizzard is trying some new tech for Pet Battles in 7.3.

Currently on the PTR the Crysa and Environeer Bert encounters will scale down in level to the highest level pet on your team.

Using a full team of level 1 pets will result in the enemy team scaling down to all level 1 pets. A team of two level 1 pets plus one level 25 pet results in an all level 25 enemy team.

Available abilities depend on the level the team scales to (for example, level 1 scaling only unlocks the first ability). The quality (rare, epic, etc.) of the trainer team does not change.

A new 7.3 PTR build was released this week and it included a lot of Pet Battle content! Many new pets to collect, plus new Family Familiar-styled Argus achievements. [source]

New 7.3 pet models from Argus

New Pets
In the recent PTR build 23 new pets were added, many of which use new pet models found on Argus (examples pictured above).

  • 12 new wild pets from Argus
  • 5 new pets from drops
  • 1 new quest reward
  • 1 pet from a new achievement (more information below)
  • 1 new Winter Veil pet
  • 1 pet from a new reputation vendor
  • 2 currently from unknown sources

All 7.3 datamined pets

With these additions, the current total number of new pets coming in Patch 7.3 is now 42. That's a lot of pets!

New Achievements: Family Fighter
As mentioned above, a pet will be the reward from a new set of achievements.

Family Fighter achievement
Family Fighter is similar to Family Familiar — Pet Battlers will need to defeat Argus pet NPCs with teams comprised of one pet family. The achievement rewards the new pet, Felclaw Marsuul.

Players will have to use each pet type to defeat a total of 18 new pet NPCs. These encounters are located across Argus.

According to developer Jeremy Feasel on Twitter, unlike the trainers from Family Familiar, the Family Fighter NPCs will be spawned indefinitely and can be battled even if their World Quest isn't active.

Are you ready to take on this new challenge? We can't wait!

New Blizzard Store Pet
A new battle pet is now available from the Blizzard Store. [source]

Discovered during PTR datamining just a day prior to her release, Twilight (pictured right) came as a complete surprise to many collectors. But what an absolutely lovely surprise!

Twilight can be adopted for $10 from the Blizzard Store (US / EU), or as part of a bundle with her larger mount counterpart, Luminous Starseeker (US / EU).

This adorable little kitten is unique, as she will periodically change colors (blue, purple, and yellow).

She behaves similarly to other cats and will respond to player emotes (/sit and /dance) directed at her.

We're very eager to add Twilight to WarcraftPets; her pet profile is currently a work in progress. Thank you for your support and patience.

UPDATE: Twilight has been added to WarcraftPets! Her profile image is still a work in progress. Users that have adopted Twilight may not see her appear as collected even after re-importing their collections. We're looking into this, however it could be an issue with this pet in the Blizzard Armory.

We're ecstatic to welcome Twilight into our battle pet families and our hearts!
Posted by Quintessence

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