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Larion Pouncer NEW!

Pets by Family Flying Mythical Larion Pouncer
Larion Pouncer
Larion Pouncer
Not yet available in game.

Drop: Larionrider Orstus [62+]

Zone: Bastion

Covenant: Kyrian

Sanctum Feature: Anima Conductor (tier 3)

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Larion Pouncer
Larion Pouncer
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
Neutral Neutral
Yawns and idles about.
3 allowed
Patch 9.0.2 | Posted: October 13, 2020
Members of the Kyrian Covenant can use the daily Anima Conductor (tier 3) to activate the stream to Citadel of Loyalty. After traveling to the citadel, teleport to and interact with a Black Bell to summon the rare elites.

Players that are not in the Kyrian Covenant can participate in the fight but they cannot summon the mobs themselves.
Data not yet available.
Requires Pet Level: 1

100% Hit Chance 


Unleash a burst of wind, dealing 413 Flying damage.

Vs. Aquatic

Vs. Dragonkin
Requires Pet Level: 10

100% Hit Chance 


Bites at the enemy, dealing 394 Beast damage.

Vs. Critter

Vs. Flying
Requires Pet Level: 2

Increases your team's hit chance by 50% and critical strike chance by 25% for 4 rounds.

4 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 15

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 197 Flying damage and forces the opponent's lowest health pet to swap into battle.

Vs. Aquatic

Vs. Dragonkin
Requires Pet Level: 4

100% Hit Chance 


Pounces the enemy, dealing 334 Beast damage plus 157 Beast damage if the user strikes first.

Vs. Critter

Vs. Flying
5 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 20

Reduces your speed by 30% and increases the damage of your next attack made within 2 rounds by 150%.



Flying creatures gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.


Damage Taken 

50% from Magic abilities

33% from Beast abilities

Larion are prideful beasts, and see anyone that enters their territory as a challenge.
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