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Albino Chimaeraling

Pets by Family Dragonkin Miscellaneous Albino Chimaeraling
Albino Chimaeraling
Albino Chimaeraling
Rating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.45 / 5 — Rate it below
3.45 2,524 votes
Rating: 3.04 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.04 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.04 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.04 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.04 / 5 — Rate it below
3.04 1,399 votes

Quest: Mastering the Menagerie [1]

Zone: Lunarfall, Frostwall


Drop: Big Bag of Pet Supplies

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 40

Albino Chimaeraling
Albino Chimaeraling
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
Want it Want it | Got it | Exclude — Community: 1.9% have it
Neutral Neutral
Air (flies alongside flying mount)
Idles about.
Wing flutter (constant); vocalizations (on-click)
3 allowed
Warlords of Draenor
Patch 6.0.1 | Posted: October 14, 2014
The Mastering the Menagerie daily quest is only available at a level 3 Menagerie inside your garrison. To upgrade your Menagerie you must complete the achievement Draenic Pet Battler to unlock the level 3 blueprints, and have a level 3 garrison (requires level 100).

Once the Menagerie has been upgraded to level 3, Mastering the Menagerie will replace the previous daily from the level 1 and 2 Menagerie (Battle Pet Roundup or Scrappin').
Level 0: Health 0Power 0Speed 0
Requires Pet Level: 1

100% Hit Chance 


Overwhelms the enemy with draconic breath, dealing 433 Dragonkin damage.

Vs. Magic

Vs. Undead
Requires Pet Level: 10

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 354 Dragonkin damage, or 492 Dragonkin damage if the user strikes last.

Vs. Magic

Vs. Undead
Requires Pet Level: 2

100% Hit Chance 


A fierce roar deals 197 Beast damage and enrages the user, increasing the damage they deal by 25% for 3 rounds.

Vs. Critter

Vs. Flying
5 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 15

100% Hit Chance 


A shadow falls across the battlefield, dealing 886 Humanoid damage and turning the weather to Darkness for 5 rounds.


During Darkness, all pets are considered Blinded and all healing received is reduced by 50%.

Vs. Dragonkin

Vs. Beast
4 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 4

100% Hit Chance 


Fly up high, becoming unattackable for one round.


On the next round, you attack, dealing 591 Flying damage.

Vs. Aquatic

Vs. Dragonkin
Requires Pet Level: 20

100% Hit Chance 


Takes one round to breathe in deeply.


The next round the user unleashes a devastating breath attack, dealing 985 Dragonkin damage.

Vs. Magic

Vs. Undead


Dragons deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target's health below 50%.


Damage Taken 

50% from Humanoid abilities

33% from Flying abilities

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Top RaterVyline 
Rating: 0   [Report]

Absolutely terrible animation while moving along with you. Not much effort was put into giving it a natural looking animation. Decent battler, however.

Oct 27, 2018 at 7:58am | Edits: 0 | Borean Tundra-us | Pets: 886 Compare collections | Score: 6071
Site MVPAngelwings626 
Rating: 0   [Report]

XD if I had known you guys prefer them not upgraded I will stop. I have like 20 of them poor, good and common quality~

Mar 23, 2018 at 6:30am | Edits: 0 | Kil'jaeden-us | Pets: 1549 Compare collections | Score: 12264
Rating: 0   [Report]

I just bought a bugged caged Poor Quality S/S from AH :D I'll never sell or upgrade it :D

Dec 27, 2015 at 12:04pm | Edits: 0 | Chamber of Aspects-eu | Pets: 1413 Compare collections | Score: 11304
Rating: 0   [Report]

best dagon ever

Sep 11, 2015 at 9:24pm | Edits: 0 | Spinebreaker-us | Pets: 1 Compare collections | Score: 5
Rating: +3   [Report]

PET PVP; This pet has the highest attack power of any dragon who has deep breath, as well as roar if it's P/P breeddeep breath will do 1078 dmg and roar will deal 172 dmg. If this combination is done your pet will do a total of 1250 dmg due to the 25% roar dmg buff. If you add shadowflame to this now four round combo it will do up to 924.37 dmg (if the dragon pet ability is triggered - 50% dmg) compare this to merely spamming shadowflame, to maximize dps.

Aug 17, 2015 at 9:34pm | Edits: 0 | Crushridge-us | Pets: 0 Compare collections | Score: 0
Rating: 0   [Report]

I suppose it's fixed. It dropped as a rare, & shows up in journal & here as a rare. 

Mar 12, 2015 at 6:18pm | Edits: 0 | Garrosh-us | Pets: 990 Compare collections | Score: 5585
Rating: 0   [Report]

Mine was fixed to rare as of patch 6.1. However I notice some on the Auction House are still Common and Poor. I'm not sure if they fixed this or not.

Feb 27, 2015 at 6:26am | Edits: 1 | Turalyon-us | Pets: 516 Compare collections | Score: 2423
Rating: 0   [Report]

Got a blue item on my bag but upon learning it is added as an uncommon type on my book and also on my pets showing here on the page. Not sure if is a bug or intended, same logic would apply to the macaw parrot, which is an epic item on your bag but when you learn its not an epic quality pet.

Feb 20, 2015 at 12:10pm | Edits: 0 | Grim Batol-eu | Pets: 1062 Compare collections | Score: 7291
Rating: -2   [Report]

I doubt the quality is a bug, after all it's an albino.

Jan 31, 2015 at 11:41am | Edits: 1 | Aggramar-eu | Pets: 646 Compare collections | Score: 3298
Rating: 0   [Report]

Everyone, please submit feedback to bliz about this pet's awful movement animation.  When it's sitting still it looks fine.  The wings flap in a nice slow smooth animation.  But when you are moving, it goes into spastic overdrive.  The wings flap and flail about and it just looks stupid and silly.  


Anyone else have a similar opinion?

Jan 29, 2015 at 9:21pm | Edits: 0 | Kilrogg-us | Pets: 501 Compare collections | Score: 2503
Rating: 0   [Report]

Mine dropped as a poor quality. Very odd.

Jan 17, 2015 at 4:25pm | Edits: 0 | Emerald Dream-eu | Pets: 670 Compare collections | Score: 3618
Rating: 0   [Report]

Dropped as a blue.


Added to my journal as a poor.

Jan 12, 2015 at 6:56am | Edits: 0 | Hydraxis-us | Pets: 929 Compare collections | Score: 6304
Rating: 0   [Report]

I got one of these today from my menagerie.  She dropped as poor quality, however she is showing as rare here (so presumably is also showing as rare in the armory).


I noticed that quite a few of the people who have commented have mentioned they've already reported this bug, so hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.  In the meantime, I'll have the pet charms to stone her tomorrow.

Jan 11, 2015 at 7:57am | Edits: 0 | Dath'Remar-us | Pets: 1249 Compare collections | Score: 9978
Rating: 0   [Report]

Mine is common in game, however it shows up on here as a rare. Anyone else notice the same thing?


Update! it is now showing as common on here. I was really hoping it would fix the other way and become rare in game =P I guess I can stone it blue now.

Jan 8, 2015 at 12:15am | Edits: 1 | Bladefist-us | Pets: 614 Compare collections | Score: 3253
Rating: 0   [Report]

Received a poor quality from the bag today, listed as: P/B Poor Ninja


Admittedly, I'm not the master of all things pet-battley, but I thought "ninja" referred to S/S varieties?  Can someone lend their expertise on this?

Jan 6, 2015 at 1:13pm | Edits: 0 | Stormrage-us | Pets: 1070 Compare collections | Score: 7000
Rating: 0   [Report]

Same moveset as the Dark Whelpling which comes in a fixed PS breed, similiar stats to this ones PP. So take an SS Albino for variation if you like. Lots of PP dragonkin which are strong against magic, but magic passive blocks over-damage and counters dragonkin racial. Might be nice to have a few speedy dragonkin pets in the collection?

Dec 28, 2014 at 3:57pm | Edits: 0 | Bronze Dragonflight-eu | Pets: 1491 Compare collections | Score: 11928
Top RaterIhria 
Rating: -1   [Report]

I have recieved 2 of these pets from the dailies so far. The first one was rare when I recived it and so was the second. They changed quality on me as I went to cage one. Now both are poor quality. I have submitted a ticket for the issue but this can not be something that was working as intended.

Dec 23, 2014 at 12:31pm | Edits: 0 | Area 52-us | Pets: 1157 Compare collections | Score: 7651
Top RaterSweetdr0ps 
Rating: -1   [Report]

I got my first one today s/s poor quality. Thinking they will hotfix this later though as it doesnt make sense that all the rest of the pets in the bag are rare quality but this one.

Dec 22, 2014 at 10:32pm | Edits: 0 | The Forgotten Coast-us | Pets: 1407 Compare collections | Score: 8848
Top RaterCykotyks 
Rating: 0   [Report]

I have submitted a bug report and a ticket about this pet being learned as non-rare qualities (mine was common), but I was told that this was "working as intended." I've asked WHY it's this way, when both here and WoWHead list it at rare base quality and every other pet from the bags is rare, but I've yet to get a response on that front. Figures :/

Dec 21, 2014 at 4:32am | Edits: 0 | Nazgrel-us | Pets: 534 Compare collections | Score: 2603
Rating: 0   [Report]

Got my first one yesterday. Poor quality B/B. Haven't seen B/B posted here yet so thought I'd add this one.

Dec 19, 2014 at 11:41pm | Edits: 0 | Khadgar-us | Pets: 974 Compare collections | Score: 5497
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Both heads are equally fearsome on the terrifying chimaera, each capable of its own unique breath attack.
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