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2.64 891 votes
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2.90 468 votes

Drop: Forest Frog (upon hex removal)

Zone: Zul'Aman [35 Heroic]

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 50

Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
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Neutral Neutral

Catches flies and jumps.
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Vocalizations (on-click and while moving)

Players who emote /kiss while targeting Mojo will be temporarily turned into a frog.

Burning Crusade expansion required.
3 allowed
The Burning Crusade
Patch 2.3.0 | Posted: October 19, 2007

Drop: Forest Frog (upon hex removal)

Zone: Zul'Aman [70+]

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 50



Item Level 20

Binds when picked up


Use: Right Click to summon and dismiss Mojo!

This pet drops in the Zul'Aman instance as a result of removing hexes upon Zul'Aman Forest Frogs using the Amani Hex Stick. Roughly 1 in 50 hexes removed will yield Mojo. The player using the Hex Stick is the one that will receive Mojo, so if you're farming for this pet, be sure you're the one removing the hexes.

Mojo will respond to a /kiss emote by whispering an alluring comment (8 possible whispers) and the player will be polymorphed into a random frog for 15 seconds. A love-struck Mojo will then follow the polymorphed player.

On January 27 2008, a bug enabled characters of any level to obtain Mojo upon doing a /kiss emote to Prigmon. The bug was hotfixed a few hours later on the same day, however characters who received Mojo in this manner were allowed to keep him.

Level 0: Health 0Power 0Speed 0
Requires Pet Level: 1

100% Hit Chance 


Blasts the enemy with a spray of water, dealing 394 Aquatic damage.

Vs. Elemental

Vs. Magic
Requires Pet Level: 10

100% Hit Chance 


Licks the enemy 1-2 times, dealing 197 Critter damage per hit.


Hits an additional time if the user attacks first.

Vs. Undead

Vs. Humanoid
3 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 2

Restores 591 health to the user.

3 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 15

Restores 177 health to your team and calls down a cleansing rain for 9 rounds.


During a cleansing rain, the duration of hostile damage over time effects is reduced by 1 round and Aquatic abilities deal 25% more damage.

1 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 4

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 197 Aquatic damage and has a 25% chance to transform the target into a frog for 1 round.

Damage increases by 197 each time it is used. Max 591 Aquatic damage.

Vs. Elemental

Vs. Magic
Requires Pet Level: 20

100% Hit Chance 


A swarm of flies attacks the enemy's active pet, dealing 137 Critter damage every round for 5 rounds. Persists through pet swaps.

Vs. Undead

Vs. Humanoid

Passive: Purity 

Harmful damage over time effects are reduced by 50% on Aquatic pets.


Damage over time effects dealt by Aquatic pets are increased by 25%.


Damage Taken 

50% from Flying abilities

33% from Undead abilities

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Rating: +2   [Report]

The drop rate for the hex sticks and getting Mojo must have been seriously nerfed since 2015, or I have had the worst luck ever.  This last time I cleared the entire dungeon and only got six sticks.  Considering the time investment to keep repeating the dungeon to get sticks and then use them on frogs, I finally gave up and payed 7000g to stop hunting for Mojo.

Apr 13, 2021 at 3:29pm | Edits: 0 | Drenden-us | Pets: 973 Compare collections | Score: 7638
Rating: +1   [Report]

This is easily solo'd now.  Tip -clear the dungeon...I had several hex things drop and got my Mojo plus one for the auction house.  You can not have one in your bag and get another in the same trip, so you need learn them before trying a stick on another frog in the same instance (learned that by losing the third one) Happy farming :)

Jan 11, 2015 at 3:08am | Edits: 1 | Malfurion-us | Pets: 563 Compare collections | Score: 2909
Rating: -2   [Report]

I'm confused by the April 2011 announcement about Blizzard making this dungeon a lvl 85 heroic 5-man - Can a lvl 90 (IL526) run this solo?  As you can probably tell, I dont run dungeons often! 


Thanks in advance.

Mar 29, 2014 at 7:54am | Edits: 0 | Fizzcrank-us | Pets: 736 Compare collections | Score: 3966
Rating: +1   [Report]

My lucky day in wow, ran this with my bf, on very first run, got it with my second stick. as well as the hyacinth macaw today not even trying. Yippee!!

Mar 31, 2013 at 2:53am | Edits: 0 | Azuremyst-us | Pets: 1136 Compare collections | Score: 8802
Top RaterMarixtra 
Rating: 0   [Report]
took me 52 hex sticks costing me 25g each on my server, this little bugger costs me 1300g! Oh well, hes still cute. /kiss
Sep 18, 2012 at 12:55am | Edits: 0 | Draka-us | Pets: 577 Compare collections | Score: 2696
Rating: 0   [Report]
Took about 20 Hex Sticks to secure this fellow for my collection. I'll have to acquaint him with the wild Horny Toad critter coming in MoP...
Aug 26, 2012 at 3:25pm | Edits: 0 | Shandris-us | Pets: 446 Compare collections | Score: 2000
Top RaterUka 
Rating: 0   [Report]
Just got it! It seems that solo farming is now easier than before patch 4.1, when you had to be in a raid, - even with no aggro-reset abilities.
So: 1) buy several Amani sticks from AH, 2) open the gate and run away from the two big guardians, 3) drink invisibility potion and run in the middle of those two and up to the lake, while fighting weaker savages, 4) use sticks on frogs!
Feb 12, 2012 at 8:30am | Edits: 0 | Borean Tundra-eu | Pets: 1718 Compare collections | Score: 13744
Site MVPBadb 
Rating: -1   [Report]
Just got mine on 10th run through WC :D
Oct 4, 2011 at 12:07pm | Edits: 0 | Arathor-eu | Pets: 1313 Compare collections | Score: 10466
Rating: -1   [Report]
Just got this guy yesterday. It was actually pretty painless, I had been collecting the sticks for a while from random pugs and stuck around after we finished to go use the sticks. I got pretty lucky I think, got a few gold bags, two venders, and a few extra sticks. I actually didn't know using the sticks would actually spawn NPCs with rewards! In the end the last stick I had spawned Mojo who quickly lept into my bags and my heart. And now I know if I get more sticks I can use em to get more G!
May 16, 2011 at 1:36pm | Edits: 0 | Icecrown-us | Pets: 476 Compare collections | Score: 2133
Rating: +1   [Report]
If it's taking too long to get Mojo from winning rolls on sticks or if you're just unlucky with rolls/drops, since the Hex Sticks no longer disappear when you leave the instance, you can hit up the AH for people selling their's.

Alternatively if you win sticks you don't need you can post them to the AH for those that do.
May 13, 2011 at 7:44pm | Edits: 1 | Uldum-us | Pets: 720 Compare collections | Score: 3716
Rating: -1   [Report]
I can also confirm that Mojo still drops in 4.1
May 1, 2011 at 4:26am | Edits: 0 | Wyrmrest Accord-us | Pets: 1175 Compare collections | Score: 6748
Rating: -1   [Report]
I just wanted to tell that i today 29 april in patch 4.1 got mojo. Mojo still drops in the same way as it used to - and the drop of the sticks seems quite alot, in those 2 times i have been in ZA hc, i have seem around 15 sticks dropping :D
Apr 29, 2011 at 1:23pm | Edits: 0 | Ghostlands-eu | Pets: 261 Compare collections | Score: 1152
Site MVPEmberdione 
Rating: -2   [Report]
I get the point of doing the single troll farming thing, but honestly, at 85 in ilevel 333 gear, it's no longer necessary. My warlock ripped through the groups of trolls like butter. I just started clearing the entire place (minus bosses) and collected up the sticks, then went back and freed as many frogs as I could find.

Also there are some trolls that respawn even if you don't leave the instance, so they were pretty awesome to farm.

Good Luck! The netherweave sells pretty well too.
Mar 24, 2011 at 1:17pm | Edits: 0 | Echo Isles-us | Pets: 1428 Compare collections | Score: 11166
Rating: 0   [Report]
i just got my mojo pet, last day before it turned into a level 85 dungeon & the pet most likely is being removed. wish i could have gotten it on my rogue, DK & druid though.
Mar 15, 2011 at 6:43pm | Edits: 0 | Alexstrasza-us | Pets: 547 Compare collections | Score: 2809
Rating: +1   [Report]
Just earlier my guild did a ZA run and decided to disband. Seeing this as my golden opportunity, I waited until they logged off and stayed in raid. Sat there killing that one 5 npc mob for about 4 hrs and after 30 hex sticks, I finally got him. He is ADORABLE!
Heluna- 85 Hunter
Mar 12, 2011 at 2:05am | Edits: 0 | Sen'jin-us | Pets: 734 Compare collections | Score: 3441
Site MVPJopanti 
Rating: -1   [Report]
With a level 85 hunter it took me close to 3 hours. The first patrolling mob was bugged but if you go towards the first boss on the left coming from the instance entrance you can kill multiple guards and at times multiple drops. If you run back pass the pattern the eagles follow you can feign death and they will reset. If not just stay on a good spot and 2 mobs will come towards you every other minute.
Mar 3, 2011 at 4:04pm | Edits: 0 | Bloodhoof-us | Pets: 569 Compare collections | Score: 2843
Rating: -1   [Report]
My husband and I two-manned this entire instance as a level 80 Paladin and 80 Warrior. We managed to get three Mojos with all of our collected Hex Sticks.

If anyone is waiting on getting this little gem, you might want to try to get him before the heroic patch. He might become a thing of legend soon.
Feb 28, 2011 at 8:51am | Edits: 0 | Stormscale-us | Pets: 472 Compare collections | Score: 2310
Rating: 0   [Report]
Well hmm, Zul'Aman is becoming a Cataclysm Heroic in patch 4.1! I wonder if that's going to impact our little bugger here....
Feb 24, 2011 at 9:32am | Edits: 0 | Bronzebeard-us | Pets: 392 Compare collections | Score: 1813
Top RaterZoros 
Rating: 0   [Report]
Mojo is all grown up, he is now the size of Jubling.
Jan 19, 2011 at 1:43pm | Edits: 0 | The Venture Co-us | Pets: 1593 Compare collections | Score: 12680
Rating: +1   [Report]
Was given a tip by a guildie on how to SUCCESSFULLY farm this guy. Designate ONE PERSON AT A TIME in group to collect all the hex sticks that drop. Once that person has collected 15 hex sticks THEN use them ALL AT ONCE on the hexed frogs. Chances are at least 1 in these 15 sticks will yield a frog. I've seen it happen 3 out of 3 times where out of those 15 sticks, 2 Mojos spawned almost one right after another. So if person #1 gets Mojo and has leftover sticks...pass 'em immed to the next person
Sep 12, 2010 at 7:21pm | Edits: 0 | Echo Isles-us | Pets: 1079 Compare collections | Score: 6549
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Amani witch doctors have turned many victims into frogs. Some never recover.
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