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Pet Battle Mini-Game

Are you a fan of WoW pet battles? Then you'll love WarcraftPets' rock-paper-scissors Pet Battle Mini-Game! Scroll down to play more match-ups or create your own!

Singing Sunflower Worg Pup Elwynn Lamb

 Choose a pet to send into battle 

Create your Own!

Select a pet for rock, another for scissors, and a third for paper. Then enter how each beats the next. If you want a certain pet to win versus another, try rearranging their order.

vs. vs.

How does pet 1 beat pet 2? 

How does pet 2 beat pet 3? 

How does pet 3 beat pet 1? 

More Pet Battles

Enjoy pet battles created by other WarcraftPets fans!

Show results that only include:

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Searing Scorchling vs. Frigid Frostling vs. Pebble

Darting Hatchling vs. Mr. Grubbs vs. Darkmoon Turtle

Guild Herald vs. Celestial Dragon vs. Durotar Scorpion

Brown Prairie Dog vs. Willy vs. Pandaren Monk

Purple Puffer vs. Lil' Ragnaros vs. Guardian Cub

Spirit of Competition vs. Darting Hatchling vs. Frigid Frostling

Albino Snake vs. Baby Blizzard Bear vs. Core Hound Pup

Bombay Cat vs. Baby Blizzard Bear vs. Blue Moth

Purple Puffer vs. Ethereal Soul-Trader vs. Celestial Dragon

Bombay Cat vs. Whiskers the Rat vs. Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot

Lil' K.T. vs. Lil' Deathwing vs. Lil' XT

Crimson Whelpling vs. Lil' Ragnaros vs. Pterrordax Hatchling

Black Tabby Cat vs. Brilliant Kaliri vs. Fox Kit

Baby Blizzard Bear vs. Murkimus the Gladiator vs. Deathy

Westfall Chicken vs. Pandaren Monk vs. Hawk Owl

Mr. Chilly vs. Mr. Grubbs vs. Mr. Wiggles

Armadillo Pup vs. Guild Herald vs. Black Tabby Cat

Zergling vs. Grunty vs. Mini Thor

Sen'jin Fetish vs. Grunty vs. Clockwork Gnome

Zipao Tiger vs. Ancona Chicken vs. Armadillo Pup

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1-20 of 856
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