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Grizzly Squirrel

Pet Battle: [20-22] Howling Fjord; [21-22] Grizzly Hills; [23-24] Twilight Highlands

Mechanical Prairie Dog [Strange Looking Mechanical Squirrel]

Vendor: Dana Pull

Zone: Tiragarde Sound

Cost: 75Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)


Vendor: Olly

Zone: Dazar'alor

Cost: 75Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Requires: A Shady Message


Pet Battle: [1] Gilneas; [1] Stormwind City; [1-2] Azuremyst Isle; [1-2] Elwynn Forest; [1-2] Dun Morogh; [1-2] Teldrassil; [3-4] Westfall; [3-6] Azshara; [3-6] Silverpine Forest; [3-6] Loch Modan; [3-6] Darkshore; [4-6] Ashenvale; [5-7] Duskwood; [6-7] Wetlands; [6-7] Hillsbrad Foothills; [10-11] Western Plaguelands; [11-12] Feralas; [12-13] Dustwallow Marsh; [15-16] Moonglade; [18-19] Terokkar Forest; [18-19] Nagrand (Outland); [18-20] Blade's Edge Mountains; [20-22] Howling Fjord; [21-22] Sholazar Basin; [22-23] Crystalsong Forest; [22-24] Mount Hyjal; [23-24] Twilight Highlands; [23-24] Tol Barad Peninsula; [25] Val'sharah; [25] Highmountain; [25] Nagrand (Draenor)

1-6 of 6

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