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Vanity Pets to Fight in the Next WoW Expansion!

October 21, 2011
Today Blizzard revealed the next WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria. A new playable race (Pandaren); new class (Monk); new level cap (90). But the news for pet collectors is utterly MIND-BLOWING...

Pets Will Battle à la Pokémon
Pets Will Battle à la Pokémon
In addition to the promise of TONS of new pets to collect, Blizzard has announced that companions will actually be able to LEVEL and FIGHT in the upcoming expansion. Players will even be able to customize their vanity pets with their own names, battle abilities, and items that will increase their pet's stats. All we can say is WOW!!!

Here are some highlights:

  • The battle system will work with most existing pets
  • There will be new wild pets to collect
  • The UI will include a "Pet Journal" which will tell you about every pet you can collect and where/how to find them (we hope you'll still drop by your favorite wow pet site )
  • Many pets will become tradable (we're not sure how this will work yet)
  • Pets will become account-wide (Yes — this is HUGE NEWS!)
  • Pets win battles to earn experience and new abilities
  • Create combat builds for each of your pets
  • Level multiple pets to build your own fighting pet teams (teams are comprised of 3 pets)
  • There will be both PvE & PvP battles
  • Combat will be simple and turn-based
  • There will be a queuing system to set up pet battles anytime
  • Your characters will be able to learn "Master Abilities" to improve the combat bonuses of their pets

Again... WOW! This is COLOSSAL news for all of us pet collectors. We'll have additional news and some screenshots following BlizzCon, so check back early next week.

What all this means for the future of WoW pet collecting and WarcraftPets is unclear. But rest assured, we'll continue to be THE place to go for all of your pet collecting (and pet battling?) needs!

P.S. Want to talk more about this incredible news and get some cool pet loot to boot? Join us for our BlizzCon Meet-and-Greet at 4-5pm upstairs in Rm 204 (the Realm Meet-Up area). We'd love to see you in person.
Posted by Breanni
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