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World of Warcraft TCG Coming to An End

August 31, 2013
UPDATE: Over the past week, prices for most TCG pets and other loots have actually dropped [source:]. So it looks like now really is a great time to buy!

Blizzard recently announced that the latest TCG release, Timewalkers: Reign of Fire, is to be last set in the WoW trading card game. [source]

WoW TCG Ending: The end of an era
This is sad news for pet collectors, as we won't be seeing any brand new TCG pets in the future. However, all loot cards from previous blocks are included in Timewalkers: Reign of Fire. So if you're still looking for a certain TCG loot code, this last expansion is a great opportunity to test your luck.

But remember, Timewalkers: Reign of Fire and the other TCG blocks won't be in print much longer. It's tough to predict exactly what prices on the secondary market will do, but a rise seems likely.

Purchasing Specific Loots
If you've been meaning to purchase a TCG pet loot card, now may be the best time. You can find links to purchase these pets right here on WarcraftPets by visiting each pet's profile:

All 15 TCG Loot Pets

To get the current best price on eBay, look for the Buy It Now link in the pet's "General" tab.

Keep in mind that many of these TCG companions can be caged and traded or sold in-game. So these pets should still be readily available for many years to come.

Redeeming Loot Cards
Although the TCG is coming to a close, players will always be able to redeem any loot cards they own through the official Promotion Code Retrieval Page.

Good luck completing your TCG pet collection!
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