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WoD Alpha: First Glimpse of New Pets and Abilities

April 05, 2014
The Warlords of Draenor alpha began this past week, bringing new pets, abilities and items!

LeCraft On Twitter
Senior game designer Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) Tweeted a small jumble of pet tid-bits. It's an exciting preview of what's to come. Hopefully more information and details will be revealed about each of these topics soon.

"No pet battle patch notes? Baby hippos, baby gronn, carpnado, elite pet trainers, eggs, and leveling stones. Boom. Plus more."

Datamined Information From WoD Alpha
Wowhead dug straight in and did some datamining in the alpha. What they found came as a pleasant surprise for WarcraftPets—a new Pet Battle ability, Carpnado! (See our recent April Fool's for our take on what a pet of the same name would look like.)

In addition to a new pet ability there are new descriptions, possible pets and vanity items. [source]

Abilities and Items

New Pets

  • Carrotus Maximus - Teaches you how to summon this companion.
  • Old Cooking Pot - Teaches you how to summon Lil' Leftovers.
  • Mechanical Toucan - Teaches you how to summon this companion.
  • Temporal Shard - Teaches you how to summon a Temporal Shard.
  • Weebomination - Right Click to summon and dismiss your unusually small abomination.


  • Tenacious and terrible, the mighty Hogs slaughters weaker enemies without hesitation.
  • Both heads are equally fearsome on the terrifying chimaera, each capable of its own unique breath attack.
  • The dark wings will cloud and consume the minds of the weak, because they are just so adorable!
  • This massive weapon of destruction has been miniaturized for use in the garden. Moles beware!
  • Made from bits and pieces of vanquished battle pets, dark magic, and just a pinch of love.
  • Cute enough to eat, but not recommended.
  • The frost, sometimes it makes the carrot stick in the ground. Not this one.

Keep in mind that the current information is still limited and may be incomplete. Not all pets, abilities and items will make the final cut. We'll need to wait for more details as testing continues in alpha and eventually transitions into beta, so stay tuned!

Beware Phishing Attempts
Open invites have NOT started for the WoD alpha. Keys have not been mailed out, so be wary of any e-mails claiming to grant access to the alpha. These e-mails are almost certainly malicious and should not be opened. Keep your accounts (and pets) safe!
Posted by Quintessence
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