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Vote: Pet Comments or Member Search

August 02, 2008
I love working on this site, and you folks are great! But unfortunately, real-world obligations are forcing me to scale back on the time I can devote to WarcraftPets (or even to play WoW at all).sad So I need to be selective about my choices for developing this site. I'll continue posting news and such, but the big projects will have to wait.

I might have time enough to complete one big project before the end of 2008. But first I have to devote some time to adding advertisements to the site—donations are great, but I don't receive enough to keep me out of the red.sigh

There are three projects that have been requested more than any others. One of those—a forum—is simply not possible right now. To interface with this site's user database, I would need to create a custom forum, but I lack the time and resources needed to do this anytime soon. So we're left with two options, and I'd like you to vote for whichever one you'd most like to see.

  1. Pet Comments - This feature would allow members to post their comments within each pet's profile. Comments would include a rating system like WoWhead's that would hide low-rated comments and highlight high-rated ones. Thus, this is simply a way for you to share your own observations regarding each companion.
  2. Member Search - This feature would enable members to quickly find other members by realm and faction, allowing you to partner up with others on your realm. This would help facilitate in-game trading, group rep grinding, pet-runs, and so forth. Members will have to select their region, realm, and faction in order to be found by the search feature, but doing so will be optional.

On the evening of Friday, August 8, 2008, after one week of voting, I'll be closing this topic and I'll tally the results. I'll post the results the next day and begin working on the project dictated by the majority in the coming months.

UPDATE: Voting for this topic has been closed.
Posted by Breanni
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