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Undocumented 3.2 Pet Changes

August 14, 2009
UPDATE: Here are some more recently discovered undocumented changes made in Patch 3.2:

Apparently Blizzard didn't just add a lot of new pets in Patch 3.2. They also made a number of undocumented pet-related changes:

  • Drop rates for the pet Crocolisks have increased significantly, possibly as high as 50%, or 1 in 2!
  • Mini Tyrael has a new idle animation where he falls asleep, tosses and turns, and scratches his backside. He even does a little enrage emote upon waking.
  • The Cobra Hatchling has a new summon animation where he slithers up from the ground.
  • Several pets have had their size increased, including the three vendored Snakes, the Cockroach, and the Jubling.
  • The Disgusting Oozeling now has a constant "disgusting aura" (rather than cycling on and off)

Posted by Sateena
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