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Terky Added to the Pet Database

September 07, 2012
MMO-Champion went through the latest beta build and datamined an interesting pet. [source]

This mysterious companion is called Terky and is learned from the White Murloc Egg. This pet uses the original baby murloc model, except that it's white in color.

While this pet may seem new, it is not. This companion is also currently not available to players.

Where is it From?
There's not much information on the pet or the item, however, according to the Pet Journal on the beta, Terky was from an old iCoke promotion in Taiwan. The event may have coincided with the iCoke promotion that was held in China that rewarded the Tiny Red Dragon and Tiny Green Dragon.

During the iCoke Taiwan event, a quest was created, and completing it rewarded the White Murloc Egg. It's not clear if players were able to hand in the quest and receive a baby murloc, though.

Some claim that the promotion was only considered and in the end the idea was dropped. Both the quest and Terky were not meant to be distributed, yet a few people managed to obtain the quest and share it with others.

Maybe Someday
Players cannot obtain this pet at this time, but since Terky has been officially added to the Pet Journal on the beta, we've also included it in our database.

Will this companion be available to players in the future? No one knows for sure, and we'll just have to wait and find out!
Posted by Quintessence
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