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A Swarm of New Cataclysm Pets!

September 23, 2010
News is trickling in of several other new pets that will debut in Cataclysm. Here are a bunch that you can look forward to collecting in the expansion.

Tiny Shale Spider
Tiny Shale Spider
The Tiny Shale Spider (pictured) is a companion that's currently dropped by a rare spawn called Jadefang (lvl 85). This is the only green Shale Spider seen (apart from critter versions that crawl about the area). He's very tricky to reach, requiring quest access and a bit of ingenuity. We'll have more details when we publish the official pet profile when Cataclysm launches.

Mr. Grubbs
Farming for Mr. Grubbs, a small BoP carrion grub (video), is similar to farming for our favorite little Disgusting Oozling. Check out the walkthrough posted at Quintessence's Perks N Peeves blog.

Joining the Scorchling is a tiny earth elemental pet called Pebble. He's rewarded through completion of the Rock Lover achievement.

Elementium Geode
The first of its kind, the Elementium Geode is obtained by miners. It's found randomly in Elementium mining nodes and it's BoU so it can be traded to others. It's a very tiny pet. In this picture, it's been fed a pet biscuit—it's usually about half the size.

Guild Achievements
Both the Guild Page and Guild Herald are rewarded through new Guild Achievements. Oddly enough, both pets appear to be summonable for 5 minutes at a stretch, making us wonder whether they are true vanity pets.

Enchanting Pets
As promised, enchanters will have the ability to make some pets. An Enchanted Lantern and a Magic Lamp will both require Enchanting 500 to create. We're hoping they'll be BoU pets, so that they can be auctioned just like many of the older pets made by engineers.

Mini Jousters
Players will be limited to collecting a single Mini Jouster—either a Gold Mini Jouster or a Blue Mini Jouster. You may choose one or the other as a quest reward for a Mount Hyjal quest called Egg Wave.

Whirling Waveling, Rumbling Rockling and Fox Kit... not much is known about these companions yet. They could be required for quests or some might never even make into the game. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Yep... Cataclysm is shaping up to have more for pet collectors than any of the previous expansions! Very exciting!
Posted by Breanni
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