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Singing Sunflower and Fossilized Hatchling

October 01, 2010
Singing Sunflower
UPDATE: The Singing Sunflower has been given a fresh new model (pictured). We're thrilled that it no longer resembles the Ammen Vale Lashling and we LOVE the new model!

The sunflower also now (sometimes) sings upon summoning! Da-da do di do-di do di ♪ There's a zombie on your lawn! ♪

Check it out for yourself in TotalBiscuit's video (featuring the old model). The randomness of its singing could be a bug.

Singing Sunflower Pet collectors will really enjoy earning this pet! It's a reward from what many are calling the funnest new quest in Cataclysm! The area in Hillsbrad near the Dalaran Crater will be the home of a full-blown quest chain inspired by PopCap's wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies PC game. WoW's version has been retitled, Peacebloom vs. Ghouls. The quest mechanics are almost identical to PopCap's game, and completing the quest chain rewards you with the pet. Also, the composer for PvZ has confirmed that she's recording the voice for the singing sunflower (fitting, given that she sang the PvZ theme song during the credits roll).

Currently the pet uses the same model as the Ammen Vale Lashling, however it's animation features musical notes radiating from it. Hopefully the model will change... us pet collectors enjoy variety.

Our friend TotalBiscuit added a video to his YouTube channel that shows the quest in action.

Fossilized Hatchling
Fossilized Hatchling
Commonly referred to as a "Skeletal Raptor," this little guy is learned via Archaeology (the Fosil Tree) after grinding the skill to the higher levels. At the moment, it requires 85 Fossil Archaeology Fragments, which are obtained while grinding up the highly anticipated new skill.

For you mount collectors, there is also a Fossilized Raptor mount. It requires 100 Fossil Archaeology Fragments. TotalBiscuit also posted a video of both the pet and the mount in action—check it out!
Posted by Breanni
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