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Pet Summoning Spells

August 02, 2008
The new companion summoning system in WotLK has prompted many players to begin investigating all of the possible summoning spells. Many of you have been contacting me about the spells in WoWhead's list. At first glance, it looks as though there will be several new pets in the expansion. But take another look... some spells that appear to be new are really just different names for preexisting pets. For example, "Summon Lavender Parrot" is the summoning spell for Miniwing. Furthermore, spells like "Pet Fish" have been around for years, never making it past the development phase.

Certainly, there are some pets in this list that will be new in WotLK. But until I see screenshots to confirm their existence, I won't be posting news of them here. There's no reason to get everyone's hopes up for a new pet skunk if it never makes it past the drawing board.unsure
Posted by Breanni
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