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Stat Calculator for Battle Pets and Other Updates

October 28, 2012
A couple weeks ago, we added Average Stats per Level to each pet's profile. While this was a step in the right direction, the averages really didn't help when trying to obtain a specific set of stats.

Since then, we've been able to build a robust database of every possible stat configuration for every battle pet. This helped us transform our "Average Stats per Level" into a much more precise "Stat Calculator."

Calculating a Pet's Stats
Each battle pet's Stat Calculator is found at the top of its "Battle Info" tab. As before, you'll see a slider to adjust the pet's level and a dropdown menu to select its available rarities.

Battle Pet Stat Calculator
What's new is the addition of a small graph that displays a series of modifiers for the health, power and speed of each pet. These modifiers indicate a pet's available "breeds." Cycle through each breed to tweak the overall stats of the pet.

Precise Numbers
Because our data comes directly from the Armory and in-game imports of WarcraftPets users, it's extremely accurate. You won't find any rarities or stat configurations that don't currently exist in WoW. Therefore, if a pet comes in only one rarity and has only one possible stat build, that's all you'll see when you calculate its stats.

Other Updates
Along with implementing Stat Calculators, we've also made a few other usability tweaks.

First up, we've added icons to our pet listings throughout the site to make it easier to discern the pet's family at glance.

Improved pet listings
We've also added larger images which display when you mouse-over the tiny thumbnails shown in pet profiles under the Alternate Skins, Similar Models and Identical Abilities sections.

Lastly, we updated our Guide to Pet Battles with a new more user-friendly cheat sheet. This printable cheat sheet tells you exactly which pets to use (or avoid using) when battling against pets of certain families or abilities.

More to Come!
In the weeks ahead, we'll be providing even more improvements to WarcraftPets. Soon your pet collection will show you the rarity of your pets, as well as their levels and stats. We'll also give you some additional collection stats, such as the percentage of rares in your collection and the average level of your pets. What's more, when you view the profile of any pet you've collected, its stat calculator will automatically load the stats of your exact pet!

We also have plans to add a searchable database of every pet ability, with useful filtering options to help you find the perfect pet for your battle team.

Again, we thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy today's updates, as well as all the updates to come!
Posted by Breanni
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