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Could SOPA and PIPA Affect WarcraftPets?

January 19, 2012
In a word, yes.

You've no doubt heard about SOPA and PIPA after yesterday's Internet strike. Sites like Google and Wikipedia brought awareness about these bills to the masses. If you're still not sure why they're harmful to so many websites (WarcraftPets included), read this explanation — it's a bit technical, but you'll learn enough to make an informed decision.

This legislation has a direct impact on the gaming community. What's more, if these laws were on the books five years ago, I never would've created WarcraftPets due to the legal and technical overhead placed on web developers.

What You Can Do...
Take less than one minute of your time to:

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Contact your senators

Putting an end to piracy is definitely a worthwhile cause. But these bills were drafted by people who don't fully understand the impact they'll have the Internet we know and love. Should they pass as-is, the results could be disastrous.
Posted by Breanni
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