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Snaplasher — Pet of the Month: April 2017

April 26, 2017
Snaplasher - Pet of the Month April 2017

We're snapping into spring with a pet from the latest installment of Raiding With Leashes — it's the Snaplasher!

Collecting the Snaplasher
Snaplasher - first color
The Snaplasher is a battle pet that drops from the Freya encounter in the Ulduar raid instance. The pet can come from normal or hardmode.

If you're looking to collect only this pet, it's possible to skip the first 7 Ulduar bosses. However, it should be noted that 4 of the first 7 bosses can drop other battle pets.

To skip straight to Freya, interact with the Ulduar Teleporter that's located in the staging area as you enter the raid. Select "Teleport to the Ulduar Tram." and it will teleport you deeper into the raid.

Snaplasher - second color
Instead of taking the tram to Mimiron's area, head down the hallway toward where the majority of the Keepers reside. You can either kill or avoid Auriaya before heading to The Conservatory of Life.

Max level players should have no problem defeating Freya on any difficulty. Level-appropriate players will want to bring some friends.

If you want to avoid hardmode, you'll need to defeat Elder Stonebark, Elder Ironbranch, and Elder Brightleaf located in The Conservatory of Life. Each Elder adds health and different abilities to Freya's encounter.

Collecting the Snaplasher awards progress toward Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King.

This pet is a fun little flower that only comes in one breed, however it has two different colors and can spawn in as either when summoned. It's the perfect springtime companion!

Battling with the Snaplasher
The Snaplasher is an attractive little pet with a lot of healing, but a slightly tricky moveset to use.

The first ability it gets, the multi-hitting Lash, is the only one without a cooldown. All its other moves are fairly complex, as well.

Snaplasher using Solar Beam
Sharing the first slot is Solar Beam (pictured above), which will hit twice in Sunlight. Unfortunately the Snaplasher doesn't have an ability which causes Sunlight, so you'll need to find a partner for the Snaplasher to really shine — pun intended.

The Snaplasher's third slot moves are both delay bomb effects. Stun Seed and Entangling Roots both deal the same amount of damage, but the cooldown on Roots is much shorter. Also, though this may go without saying, the Stun will stun and the Roots will root, which may affect your choice in the field, too.

The middle slot is where the Snaplasher gets its longevity. Leech Seed is a damaging DoT with a reflexive heal which is relatively no fuss. Plant will build up a heal each turn while it's active (your Snaplasher can't go to the back row for this, unfortunately). When you use the ability again, Plant heals. It's like a game of chicken — do you want to play it safe and heal this turn, or go for the gusto and hope your pet won't be killed before you can use it next turn?

The Snaplasher is a fun, quirky pet which is right at home this spring.

Battling Discussion on the Snaplasher

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
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