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Shiny Piglets

August 04, 2008
Silver Pig
I've added two more pets to the Bestiary. These pets are not new and have not been flagged as such. Rather, they're older promotional pets that were released in mainland China during last year's Chinese Spring Festival. The Chinese Spring Festival is a major annual event in China, upon which WoW's own Lunar Festival is based. Details surrounding the promotion are a mystery, but one can speculate that it probably had something to do with the Lunar Festival on servers in mainland China.

After adding these two pets to the database, this site may finally include every small pet ever released by Blizzard, but there could be one or two more regional pets I missed. Check out these high-stylin' pigs:

Be sure to add your rating to these piglets, especially if you're working to restore your "Top Rater"
Posted by Breanni
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