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Shadowlands Alpha: 22 New Pets

June 12, 2020
This week's Shadowlands Alpha build included more battle pets! [source]

Orange Ardenweald Moth, Blue Baby Horse, Yellow Gormling

Even More Shadowlands Pets
22 new companions were datamined from the latest Alpha patch. We're currently sitting at 36 new Shadowlands battle pets! Note that this is still the testing period, and not all pets are guaranteed to make it to release.

Dark Devourer Mite
Check out Wowhead's list for the recent additions. Among the 22 added: new moths, baby unicorns & gormlings (pictured above, images courtesy of Wowhead), bats, teroclaws, vulpin, cranes, wasps, and a mite (pictured right).

List of all datamined Shadowlands pets

Many battle pets are still Works In Progress, however a few have been updated with information on where they will be found. We've added any available details for each battle pet to our list.

We're seeing more and more pets added with each Shadowlands Alpha build. How many battle pets do you think will be released at launch? BFA included approximately 120 pets at the start — will Shadowlands be able to match that number? We'll have to wait and see!
Posted by Quintessence
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Site MVPGwynnevere 
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I'm really happy how Shadowlands is unfolding, especially all the extra time and effort being put into character customization. The areas and new NPCs are dazzling (I'm especially fond of Ardenweald area, it looks amazing).


So, I wouldn't be surprised if there's even more vanity pets in Shadowlands! They seem to be outdoing themselves in almost every other aspect of Shadowlands :)


Thanks so much for the update!

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