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Grunty, Raptors, and Orphans...

July 01, 2009
Curious Oracle Hatchling
...Oh my! We have a lot of updates on these previously reported upcoming pets.

You can now reserve your Grunty the Murloc Marine by ordering the BlizzCon 2009 live Internet stream. If you are planning to get Grunty through the Blizzcon DIRECTV promotion, you must sign up for new service by July 31. Existing DIRECTV customers will be able to order the Pay Per View coverage starting on August 9.

Many of the new raptor hatchlings have been discovered on the PTR. They are all currently BoU. Those that are dropped by rare raptors currently have a 100% drop rate. Here is a list of the ones found so far:

It looks like Northrend Children's Week will finally be coming to a server near you! You can choose to look after either an Oracle or Wolvar orphan, regardless of your current standings with their corresponding factions. After completing the chain of quests, you will receive a new orphan pet in the mail - a Curious Oracle Hatchling or a Curious Wolvar Pup.

Other News
As reported previously, the next patch will give you the option to upgrade your Argent Squire or Gruntling with a mount and access to a bank, mailbox, or vendor. The [Argent Pony Bridle] can be purchased for 150 Champion's Seals. Once upgraded, your squire will mount up on his pony whenever you mount up. He can grant you access to the bank, mailbox, or vendor for 3 minutes once every 4 hours. This video shows him in action.

Finally, the new Shimmering Wyrmling pet will be available for 40 Champion's Seals. It currently looks the same as the Mana Wyrmling. Hopefully that will change in a future PTR build.
Posted by Sateena
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