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Patch 4.2 - Four New Pets

May 04, 2011
Both Wowhead and MMO-Champion have many goodies to share with us from the newly opened 4.2 PTR!

Four New Pets
Within the PTR datamined files, four new possible companions were discovered:

  • Feline Familiar (bind on pick up)
  • Fire Lasher (bind on use)
  • Hyjal Bear Cub (bind on pick up)
  • Dragonwrath Whelpling (bind to account)

Wowhead is reporting that the whelpling will be the guild reward upon completion of the new legendary weapon. If the other companion names are any indication, both the Hyjal Bear Cub and Fire Lasher might be from the new daily questing zone that will be released in patch 4.2. The official sources of these pets, however, have not been released yet.

We'll continue to keep everyone updated on the latest PTR news, and we look forward to more companion pet discoveries from the PTR in the near future!
Posted by Quintessence
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